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A/C not cold - need more refrigerant?

From : slewfoot

Q: oerclockd proc wrote in i am curious about upgrading the sound quality in my 00 durango. i have the raz head unit with stock speakers. is it possible to install the infinity speakers in my durango with out much hassle i realize that the results are less than great sound wise but id like a little better punch. occasionally one can find these speakers for under $50 used. ive got the raz head with the infinity premium sound package and im not impressed at all with the speakers or the power. the infinity external amp that the raz plugs into is very heavily eqd to make the cheap infinity speakers sound good and the whole thing simply isnt worth it. if you want to keep the raz the best thing to do is to get an aftermarket amp and aftermarket speakers as the raz is only about 5 watts rms/channel probably about 15 or 20 watts peak/channel whatever that means. if you replace the raz with an aftermarket head then that might be enough power for you - itll at least be double the power of the raz. at the very least youll have to replace the speakers if you want better sound. im in the process of plugging in a sony xm404eqx 45 watts rms/channel in between the infinity amp and the stock infinity speakers. ive hooked it up temporarily but not permanently yet as i have to gut the box under the jump seat for the amp but i figure the extra power will blow out the infinity speakers within a few weeks. good excuse to upgrade the speakers. joe black 03 dakota 5.9 r/t cc calypso green 93 mustang 5.0 lx hatch with a few goodies .


From : gary glaenzer

there is a fuse you can pull that allows higher revs no limiter but suposely shuts off odometer and makes your lights flash voiding your warraty anyone heard anything on it .

From : cbhvac

on tue 15 jul 2003 222038 gmt denny wrote oh..bite me... lol hey!! i worked long and hard for this whine moment. at least let me enjoy it. gbfg roy are you sure you dont have some woman in you somewhere vbg denny maybe he found his inner puppy now that is scary!!! denny not as scary as an outer rabbit.... .