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AC is 67psi! Was: Re: So, where do I attach this thing (ac recharge)

From : jmc

Q: suddenly without warning tom lawrence exclaimed 9/13/2008 912 pm problem is i cant figure out where the low pressure valve is. i see a couple of ports that sort of fit the description but none look like the pic in my chiltons manual. never actually worked on a dakota but on a friends 00 durango the low pressure port was up near the compressor just behind the upper radiator hose. trace the lines from the a/c compressor. the one that runs back towards the firewall and into a canister-looking thing that canister is the accumulator is the low-pressure line and the low pressure port will be in that line. on top of the accumulator is also the low-pressure cut-out switch. depending on how much of a charge is in the system you may need to remove the connector from that switch and short the two terminals of the connector not the switch itself with a paperclip or something else. this will keep the compressor running so you can feed it refrigerant. i actually have said durango sitting out in my driveway sans transmission - but thats a whole nother story so if you want me to take a picture pointing it out i can do that. the other piece of good is that the fitting on the can can only fit on the low pressure port not the high pressure port so theres not much danger in hooking it up wrong. tom thanks for the info. psi is around 67 - at any rate just over 65. so what could be wrong with the system i did note that even with the doors open in sun 75f with 91% humidity ick the system cycled every few seconds - perhaps less than 10 - so i pulled the sensor and it stopped as it should. what i saw to indicate the system cycling was a round plate at the end of the compressor spinning and stopping. assume that was the clutch should more than that plate be moving a quick google indicates too much refrigerant or mechanical repair. the acs history in december summer temps in aus it fairly suddenly started blowing nearly hot air i took it in for servicing it came back with cold air. mechanic said no obvious leak and that theyd added an indicator - dont remember if it was uv color or both. was working fine as the days started getting cooler and i left it to be shipped back in mid-may. if it was dying then i didnt notice. when i got it back i think it was ok but it wasnt long after that we started noticing it was no longer blowing cold air. ive checked what i can see and though i need to check with the uv light when its darker i dont really see any leaks. when it works normally even in the 100f temps in aus we could have it on the 2nd setting and be comfortable once the hot air was blown out of the truck. now its on #4 and were still sweating. there is a major difference in humidity between the two locations - aus was usually less than 20% and often less than 10% humidity. id say the air coming out is around 65f or so - i dont have any way to test it. i really want to avoid taking my truck in if i can. on the other hand i dont want to truly break something by fumbling around where i shouldnt. as always any advice appreciated! jmc .