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A/C drain on Dakota?

From : dan stroup

Q: i have a 1999 1500 dodge ram 4x4. need to change tires soon 48k miles. any suggestion for the best place to change tires samsclub etc and good tires i .


From : jay smith

according to your spelling of the word enviromentalist you dont seem to be educated. please change your e-mail address to i love my v-10 sittin way up high. the power is unimagined and i feel heroic singing to lee greenwood. i like to push the guy ahead in the liberal econobox. even more when i have my headlights on blinding his mirrors! god made this country great so we could have power on demand because its all about us. god told rush that only he can change warming so my little output dont matter. if the enviros ban big motors we will be robbed of our power rights so write to your repesentatives or just crush the next subaru you see! steve .