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AC System Leaking water !!!

From : david

Q: at $35 a piece thats $70 a pair or $140 for 4 leaving $160 for labor. guess it depends on whether you think $40 a shock is too much for labor sensatracs go for $35 each here at oreillys. midas must be making a killing. jerry .


From : kevin

hi all i was wondering if there is any special antifreeze for the cummins diesels any additives that are recommended and what everybody has been using for their guidelines for flushing the system and changing their antifreeze..... tia .

From : im right

i check the drain on the weekend and it is not pluged my 02 doesnt have a hose just a drain out throught the firewall which is then covered by a heat shield that is a real bitch to get off. when the ac is running there is nothing that comes out of the drain it only comes out when the ac is off. i have an appt to take it in on friday. kevin there is a service bulletin regarding the problem with the ac drain hose. if you really had that much water insist they replace the carpet and padding under warranty or you will have mold growing and rotting in it soon unless you got it dried out immediately the one time it happened. my 02 dakota leaks water into the pasanger compartment but not all the time. the truck is still under warrenty and i am taking it in to be fixed. i pulled the heat shield off that covers the drain and it is dripping but it still has flodded the pasanger side as well as the back seat of the truck. i vacumed out about 2 gallons of water so my wife didnt have to sit in a puddle on the way home from camp. has anybody else had thi happen and what was done to correct it. .