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AC Question, 94 Dakota

From : ron s

Q: on fri 22 aug 2003 211421 gmt roy wrote harvick will overcome paint boy this week in the winston cup standings. he needs 5 points not all that hard. the 17 will dnf saturday night! he could dnf for 2 races and still be leading. it would make it all more interesting though. ive been telling ya for over.four friggin years that kenseth is the man. eventually youll wake up to that fact there are a handfull of young guys coming on. the nextel years will be good ones. dodge only has one car in the top ten. that will be all at the end of the season as well. that is probably the one accurate thing ya posted in the past few monthsg ill go even farther and say ther zoomen newman will end up in the top 5 if he will drive his car rather than fly it! he will be a championship contender soon. roy beekeep .


From : cbhvac

trey wrote you know i tried that i knocked out all the glass and it didnt change a darn thing on the dyno. you know what might work though run 91 octane gas in it... at first the unburned gas will build up in the chambers but then once enough is built up it will change the compression ratio. there you go! higher compression more power! this was a joke btw they have a really cool wind dyno here in marietta ga. its so good nascar uses it. you could try this one before and after knocking out all the glass on the next one. g .

From : brad

dodge fuel pumps do cost alot u are buying the whole thing filter pump sending unit housing napa sells just a pump that u cut wires and put in y dodge is so high not sure labor some time to figure low or no fuel pressure and drop tank to install most shops charge 3hrs warr pays 1 hour takes hour hour halve with right toolsdid u get screwed nooo about what most shops would chargeaftermarket factory parts factory techs like factory parts if your pc broke u going back to man that made it or any old part will do .

From : cbhvac

hi i have 1989 caravan with 130km on it i removed the top inspection cover to check the belts condition. no teeth missing no cracks and it looks very good. the manual says the belt should be change every 100km. can i wait for say 200km is this a difficult job and where can i get some details on how to do it thanks .

From : ron s

more than likely wonder if he provides zero percent financing or the rebate he got thinking this may not be such a deal. sounds like someone may have paid too much for too little and now wants to unload it. .

From : curmudgeon

did it fix the problem id have given you $800 for the vehicle you should have called replaced the pump relay and o2 sensor for just over $800.00. yeah i thought it was kind of high too. .

From : tom lawrence

looking at the new 2003 ho cummins 2500 for hauling my slide in camper 2100lb get a 3500 srw instead. price difference is minimal but you get an extra 500-1100lbs. hauling capacity. depending on how you configure your truck youre right at the limit or even over with a 2500. check out the towing guide on dodges web site. also remember that the payload rating includes your camper all the stuff in it as well as all the stuff you put in the cab of the truck including you and your passengers. what would be the best transmission for it does the 4 speed auto hold up the 48re will hold up fine - regular fluid and filter changes will help ensure that. the 6spd. is a better transmission for heavy-duty use but if youre just toting around a slide-in its pretty much a toss-up - get whatever youre more comfortable with. .

From : ron s

looking at the new 2003 ho cummins 2500 for hauling my slide in camper 2100lb what would be the best transmission for it does the 4 speed auto hold up if i decide on the hemi-engine i think the 5 speed auto is available is that the right choice for the 5.7l thanks soon to be broke .

From : Annonymous

on 23 aug 2003 161023 gmt redneck tookover hell wrote what does your owners manual say does the 2003 hemi take 5w30 oil or as we say in computerese rtfm... lol .

From : denny

looking at his sig id say hes trying to sell a book. trey wrote what is the truck in question are we talking a v6 dakota or a 3500 ram with a cummins or by the looks of the cross posting it can be anything. we need more details here. what truck what engine what do you want to do with it dollar for dollar a supercharger is hard to beat for daily use. im sure bottle feeding your ride will give it a nice kick... when you have it activated. the super is always there. and dont forget turbo! i think there might be one company that makes a turbo kit for the ram. also try looking at cams. if you get some nice headers ported intake. or even an m-1 if you have a 5.2 or 5.9 dodge. then get the computer remapped to take full advantage. or if you have $10k sitting around just get a 528 hemi. 650hp out of the crate. what is the single most thing you can add to a truck to give it peak performance other than nitrous im guessing a supercharger but is there a cheaper way to get good budget horse that makes a noticeable difference cheers remo rosati author divine intervention http// now available at over 50000 bookstores .

From : cbhvac

temp lever to the coldest setting you can hear the thump as it seats against a mating surface. the control is a cable not a vacuum system like i thought it might be. what is everyones opinion on the charging kits that are sold in the stores that have a pressure gauge with them to recharge the system. do the work or not. and yes i do have mechanical knowledge so it is not like i am lost with everything. lol i dont like them. why one freaking tiny gauge you cant tell jack with only a low suction side reading...and thats a fact. that was what i was looking for. thanks for the help. and yes i comprehend just what you are saying about cold being the absent of heat. i am familiar with the principals of a/c operation so everything that was discussed makes since. i just have to figure out where to look to see if it is a non-refrigeration issue such as the mixer door or something like that. it would really burn me up to have to pay a mechanic for something simple like that to be repaired. i have worked as a machinist for the last 30 years so i can do anything mechanical as long as i know what it is and have the tools for it. by the way the cold being the absence of heat is in the same category as a rule that photographers use which is a serious hobby of mine. darkness is the absence of light. you cannot project darkness only remove light to make something seem darker in relation to the surrounding light. used to be a big hobby of mine..infrared and b/w..then the digital age hit and where didthe fun go still have a cannon ae-1 that i enjoy when i can find the time. finding lens....thats another story.. .