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A/C Malfunction Question

From : douglas matteo

Q: on sat 05 jul 2003 120311 gmt budd cochran wrote i doubt that gary was any more surprised that you commented about our comments on gregs hypocrisy than i was surprised that you let greg make crude comments on my reconstruction of my cushman without your guidance. yes you are as hypocritical as greg. do you also look up to al bundy as a role model budd i dont make crude comments on you cushman i just want to know how many phucken years it is going to take you to get that mini bike running again. im guessing you will be in a nursing home before its done. beekeep .


From : denny

a question for the group re a/c; vehicle is a 99 1500 qc w/ 5.9 the a/c stopped blowing cold. line pressure measures ok. the only visual symptom i can see is the a/c compressor clutch cycles on then off very rapidly when the a/c is switched to max a/c. thinking it was the relay i swapped that out but the rapid on/off cycling continues any suggestions before i go to dealer and bend over tia doug .

From : pat

i think most of you did not read what i was complaining about in my original post. i never claimed to have paid to much for my truck i believe $300 under invoice is a good deal. the truck was the color i wanted and had the options i wanted except the tow and heavy duty group. it was cheaper for me to add the tow package myself so that was no problem. the heavy duty group was no problem seeing they claimed the all dakotas come with the transmission cooler and the heavy duty radiator was really not needed for what i wanted. now i can add the transmission cooler myself cheaper then it would cost installed but may void my warranty. remove spam for e-mail .

From : nitpik

jesus i was just being sarcastic! you mean its true then again nothing is made here anymore nothing! its sickening! and do you know why a whole lot less is made in america nowadays the manufacturing base has been exported overseas well yes. but why has the manufacturing base has been exported overseas cheep cheep cheep greed greed greed .

From : cbhvac

set the timing to 10 degrees btdc and check that your carb is giving you a healthy shot of fuel from the accelerator pump. budd guy lee wrote this problem has me confused/frustrated. i have a 1987 dodge ram w150 4x4 with a 318 2 bbl holley carb; automatic transmission. recently the truck died while i was driving home from work. over a couple of months of troubleshooting and replacing various engine-related components like the carburetor the distributor the spark control unit the timing chain and gear set i found that all that was wrong was a wire. i assume that while putting things back on the truck i dont have something set correctly. i have confirmed that the timing is 8 degrees before tdc according to the vehicle specs. while the vehicle is idling it runs like a top. the problem im having is when im driving up hills mostly. the engine will hesitate and miss. it also has a tremendous loss in power. does anyone have any suggestions for me thanks for your help guy lee .

From : unemployabel

i have averaged 18 mpg with my 2003 ram so i would guess i get about 21 or so tops and 15 at worst. not bad for a 3500 quadcab long bed 4x4 weighing over 9900 lbs. no bed cover yet. i dont know why anyone would buy a 1500 if it gets worse milage and limited towing etc. my 3500 has just as much pick up and go as my old 1500 with a 360 cid. i am selling my 98 dodge 2500 now it averages better than 21 mpg. nice thing is loaded with 10000 lbs in the hot desert the milage is still great. today i did it! 18.85 mpg. ram 1500 2wd with 4.7l 5 speed auto. 65 mph avg and tonneau cover. it almost made the epa rating of 19. the truck is a 2003 with 4700 miles. whats everyones record .

From : cbhvac

i bought a 2000 quad dakota recently and talked to a friend who owns 3 tranny shops before i bought the truck. he said the dodges are fine as long as you change fluid regular. 100k plus easy should be no problem. fyi he also said toyota nissan are best 150k-200k not uncommon with only fluid changes. said ford was the worst. nicknamed the exploders for ranger and explorer vehicles due to the problems. gm had problems past but in the satisfactory range now. we should be fine crossing fingers i just bought a 98 dakota and when my neighbor saw ithe is also a dodge owner he said i hope you have a spare couple of grand because you are gonna have to replace that tranny. is there even a grain of truth to his assertion that all dodge trucks have substandard transmissions i looked the truck up on some kind of consumer reporting website before i bought it and they said that it was a pretty much trouble free truck. please tell me that my tranny isnt destined to fail! the only other dodge i have ever owned is a 84 ram charger and i loved that truck with that big ole 360 and extra large tires wish i still had it but the mileage sucked and i travel a lot for work. any input from this group of dodge lovers will be greatly appreciated! dale simpson .