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AC Issue

From : dd

Q: you mean the pilot bearing is dragging on the shaft it rides on front of the tranny. lubrication is what it needs my guess is the pilot bearing is starting to tie up. ive seen this several times on the cummins. denny manual transmission clutch not releasing ok heres the truck. 1999 2500 diesel 5 speed. 57000 miles. no prior transmission or clutch problems. yesterday it was 100 degrees out and i drove the truck on a shopping errand about 50 miles away. i left the truck running at several stops. i noticed it was becoming stiff or difficult to shift. i couldnt get the truck into 2nd at one light so i left it in neutral while the light was red i had to kill the engine to put the tranny in gear and then restart. it was not releasing fully as when i started it to dragged the truck forward with the clutch depressed. i got on the interstate and headed home. after driving the 50 miles it now releases perfectly. the fluid reservoir is full. comments suggestions could the fluid in the system have boiled from the heat .


From : denny

not that i have heard of. denny is there anything coming up like an encrypted/dynamically coded remote .

From : tbone

you got a check valve in the vacuum line coming off the brake booster going to heater/ac controls that is not holding vacuum when you accelerate. replace the valve and you should be ok. denny i have a 1996 dodge b2500 ram van 5.2l. ac gets cold but has a strange problem. i normally set the ac setting to vent. the problems is when i accelerate or tax the engine slightly up a hill the venting system changes on its own from vent to bi-level to defrost. once the engine smoothes out the venting changes back to the proper vent selection. does anyone have any experience or advice regarding this problem dan .

From : david

educated republican wrote i love my v-10 sittin way up high. the power is unimagined and i feel heroic singing to lee greenwood. i like to push the guy ahead in the liberal econobox. even more when i have my headlights on blinding his mirrors! god made this country great so we could have power on demand because its all about us. god told rush that only he can change warming so my little output dont matter. if the enviros ban big motors we will be robbed of our power rights so write to your repesentatives or just crush the next subaru you see! steve is that what passes for educated these days ;- -- julian. ---------- general melchett from blackadder describing his regiments coat of arms . . . .two dead frenchmen atop a pile of dead frenchmen. . . . . .

From : dd

-- democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner papa smurf wrote ahhh i see your definition. in truth nationalisation really involves the creation of a state owned monopoly which would mean for example your govt buying every electricity company in the us lumping them all together and calling it american energy inc or similar. what you describe seems to be simply heavy handed remote control. i agree that it is mere shadow of what you describe i offer it nearly as insight into their wishes and desires as the actions you describe are currently still against the law in terms of the power of the government. i see of course govts can always vote themselves some new rights! that is always true. our system makes that difficult but the dems are very adept at both incremental law change and legislation from the bench using the courts to endrun congress right to make law and the reps are good at using abusing safety fears for greater control. politicians will always be politicians. thats one thing we can always count on redistribution of wealth. big time. top 50% of wage earners pay 96.09% of income taxes hmmm. . . . . .could you elucidate please. the top half of all american wage earners pay almost all income taxes. nope that probably didnt help. damned irs moved everything around again ill have to go with this link http// i dont doubt the figures but surely this is precisely what would be expected in a rich economy and dare i say it be desirable from both a social and economic perspective. i dont feel like debating that at the moment. but my point was that the libs are for ever higher rates on the top tax brackets more people on the bottom paying ever lower amounts of taxes and more and more social programs for those unable or unwilling to help themselves. so clearly they believe in and are very efficient at redistribution of wealth. out of interest here low earners pay about 22% income tax and the top rate is 40% even for millionaires - and everyone gets an annual tax free allowance of around $8000 before they start paying tax. how does that compare with the us tax system currently on a federal level state and countries add their own income and other taxes which vary enormously from state to state. alaska actually has a negative tax rate several states have no state income tax and some are heavily taxed. massachusetts is currently 6% and rising the top rate is 37% it was a high at 71% under carter the bottom rate is 15% but that really doesnt tell the picture as 37% pay no tax at all many are actually given money a wonderful wealth redistribution tool called tax credits and as i stated before the top 50% pay 96.09% of the taxes. and then several types of income are taxed completely differently and some are taxed twice. our system is absurdly complex mostly to keep the lawyers employeed and make sure everyone feels like a criminal which makes them easier to control. one interesting aspect of our revenue system is you can ask 50 different irs agents the same question and get upwards of 50 starkly different answers this has been done and documented. but you can see with this kind of a spread on revenue nhs on a tax basis simply is a another aspect of wealth redistribution. yes that is very complex indeed. i earn twice the national average and get to keep around 70% of it which i consider fair in a physically small country with a large population. perhaps a national set of tax levels would be a good idea over there but would be painful to implement. we have tax credits over here too and they seem to be working well. ideally i would favor a national sales tax as the only form of taxation with exemptions on the necessities it would be a boon to everyone and get government largely out of our life not to mention the billions saved in accounting and such. but it would cripple the governments power over us and its ablity to buy favor so it will never happen. hmmm. . . . .shame but anyone who really put their back into making it change would be worth a vote. im too cynical to think it could happen. both sides would be filling the airwaves tugging on every bias fear and button known to kill that idea. there just arent enough brave unselfish leaders out there to push through something huge like that when the end result is less power and money for them. -- democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner .

From : gordon

taken a look at the unemployment stats lately i didnt think so..... is the umemployment rate above 50% i didnt think so. most people have jobs like i said... youve said nothing and made no salient point. typical rushbo shill. all ass & gas. however if things keep to their current course under the bush junta we could be looking at a real unemployment rate near 20% by 2004. certainly nothing the washington man-child has done will make things better. voodoo economics from a voodoo president. and about those jobs; real income is equal to about 1979......... gotta love right to work and union busting pubicans .

From : boatman

oh bullshit. the 4.7 in no way feels like a v-6 dakota. considering the ram 4x4 quad slt 4.7. however paranoid a bit because had a 1999 ram bought back in full on arbitration because of the infamous spark knock issue. loved the truck hated the knock. was told the hemi contains sensors to detect knocking and adjust the engine accordingly. however i am not getting the hemi now cant afford it but am getting the 4.7. does it also have such preventive measures against knock. also a couple peopel told me getting a 4.7 on ram is a waste engine too small for truck thoughts had a 4.8 in my previous chevy silverado which seemd powerful enough. 4.7 is underpowered for the big truck. it feels like the v-6 in the dakota. i would get the hemi. .