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ABS Controller Problem on 98 RAM 360

From : edm4sale

Q: theres a little one-way valve on the back of the evaporator thats clogged. there is no such thing...sorry.. its called a metering device but its no one way valve. the cold stuff aint gettin into the evaporator so you aint getting any there is no..cold stuff and actually its about 76f hotter than the ambient temps on average when it hits the evap depending on temps and head pressures... also food for thought...there is no cold. none....there is absence of heat...and all your ac does is move heat. cold air. i just but this truck privately and the ac will not blow cold air. when the system is running if you feel the evaporator and condenser lines in the engine compartment one is real hot the other is real cold just like they should be. thats not an indication that the system is charged enough to remove any heat from the vehicles passenger compartment....just so you know. however its possible all is ok there and you have a blend door issue asn mentioned later in teh thread. i would be looking for a broken vac line or a bad control switch. it sounds like the door is closing properly when you slide the temp lever to the coldest setting you can hear the thump as it seats against a mating surface. the control is a cable not a vacuum system like i thought it might be. what is everyones opinion on the charging kits that are sold in the stores that have a pressure gauge with them to recharge the system. do the work or not. and yes i do have mechanical knowledge so it is not like i am lost with everything. lol ron .