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'99 Durango down on power

From : kosmo

Q: tom lawrence wrote i have a 99 dodge and i think my front u-joint in the axle is going out. i hear a clicking when having the wheel turned right or left. what does that cost now days to replace i dont know if it is called technically a u-joint. it is. its about a 2 hour job plus the cost of the u-joint. should be around $200 to have it done at a local garage - dealer would probably charge $350. had the right front done on my 98 1500 about 8k miles ago by my mechanic. cost just about exactly $200 parts and labor. smh .


From : wm

hello i have a 95 dodge dakota 4x4 v6 3.9l. it sometimes chucks at low speeds more so when it is wet or damp outside. it does not have original wires on it they have been replaced about three years ago along with cap rotor and spark plugs. any suggestion would be appreciated. thanks randy .