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99 2500 Quad Cab Trans. senors.

From : wm

Q: as you well should be. i have a female teenager in the house backing me up. $4600 denny go cari !!! help dad spend his money and you wont ever have to try a clam or shrimp again.gbg roy .


From : tbone

yea thats real fair like using a moab to kill a fly. but im not scscscsaarrrd. $4700 -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving as you well should be. i have a female teenager in the house backing me up. $4600 denny .

From : tom lawrence

care of some little tsb or warrantee item is the sm going to reprogram my ba truck to ca non-ho standard no. the differences between the so and ho diesel are far greater than an ecm program. you will still have a 305/555 engine when the dealership gets done with it. .

From : carl saiyed

i am selling my 1998 dodge ram 2500 quadcab 4x4 laramie slt 8 bed flame red leather wood all the goodies new shell k&n air filter always used amsoil. 24 valve cummins auto 355 ratio. very clean single owner. 114000 miles. $19000. see 9 pics of it on on line 909755-3593. southern california.... .

From : unemployabel

well ford is having lots of problems with there new diesel and trans. i know of three people that have had complete motor and trans repalced and my brother in law just bought a excursion 6.0 it has been in the shop two of the three weeks he has owned it. the bumpers were crooked and they said thay had to replace the brackets and the suspension has sagged 2 on one side turbo does not kick in all the time. my 5.9 03 ram runs great not a problem it is my 2nd dodge yeah the ford has alot of get up and go but the milage sucks and that is part of the reason for having the diesel. i am tired of the chevy crap. an aluminim head is the only thing that scares me. they only have tranny problems form what i hear. chevy is really crapy designed. they spend more time trying to come up with new ways to force you to buy a special tool. the belt tensioner for example not 1/2 not 3/8 it is some odd size in between it is shit like that that tells me they are snakes...... can you tell i am a dodge man. whats a ford guy doing in a dodge room jelous i bet. have you noticed that gmc hasnt had many ads out for the duramax lately they screwed up all the motors they bought from mitsubishi and they wont honor the warranties cuz gm wrecked them m. will be buying a 3/4 ton xcab p/u in the next couple of weeks. interested in observations about the differences in the two diesels. am told by chryco dealer that the cummins is a medium duty that specifies rebuild at 350k miles. chevy salesman wasnt sure if the 6.6 v8 is medium or light duty or when the rebuild is recommended. i am leaning toward the dodge if i can get them to match the chevy price for comparable trucks. like the fold flat back floor and what appears to be significantly more interior room in the back seat. advice/thoughts/comments gary .