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99 1500 Ram ocerdrive problem

From : blammers

Q: blammers wrote ijust purchased this truck and at about 60 mph it wants to shift in and out of overdrive constantly with very little torque on the engine. any ideas it seems there might be an easy solution with a new sensor or can you feel it actually shifting or are you noticing about a 200 rpm jump up and down .


From : blammers

on fri 11 nov 2005 011935 -0500 roy wrote welcome home. roy as opposed to home is where the fox hole is glad you made it back so we have ya to mess with bro.. likewise bro. clebrated took the bride to the range and put a few hundred rounds through the ar. roy mac please remove splinters before emailing semper fi yall! mike .

From : blammers

red oxide clutchs converter tps cable remove & rebuild.....$1400.00 -- billy k 95 ram 2500 cummins 4x4 -- posted via - premium uncensored group service -------http// unlimited access anonymous accounts uncensored broadband access .

From : Annonymous

welcome home. roy .

From : advocate

or at the detroit car show promoting the vw rabbit wrote and i thought my puter was acting up again. but im not adding much as im gone to detroit for a couple of days. ill be so much smarter when i get back..... really!! denny well well our furry friend is off to detroit for a few days. i wonder why although he claims hell be so much smarter when he gets back. how to spin this...... figure to get smarter ole fur face had to have been smart in the first place. so we know that aint going to happen. heard from a reliable source that there are a number of things going on in the motor city that he may have waddled into. one is a advanced egg painting course for rabbits in preparation for easter he isnt advanced enough for that. also there is a gay rabbit convention going on. do ya think our furry assed buddy has gone over to the other side of the street i know he frequents his local home depot store all the time. it is understood that he has been tossed out repeatedly. anybody else have any thoughts on this gbfg roy .

From : tom lawrence

always looking for fire huh unlike others i can have a opinion but still present data whether it is for me or against my personal beliefs because they are not a factor in this survey. okay... then i wish you luck in your efforts. a couple of notes about your survey form. you need an option for 235/80 tires as thats what 03+ drws use. you also need higher selections for highest mpg solo - it only goes up to 23.5. i can get over 24mpg when running 55mph and older/lighter trucks with the cummins can exceed that. .

From : sarge

charles wrote sorry it was nosey who posted the cummins response. also my friends did point out that biodiesel is not good for winter in cold climates but you should still run a min of 2% for lubricity. and i think reducing our dependance on foreign oil is always a good thing. actually eliminating our dependence on oil from *any* source is the best thing. .

From : miles

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From : billy

how many people having this problem with their 3.9l engines mines a 99 and it blew the heads off the rusty bolts at 88000kms. the dealer here thinks i am going to pay him $1000 to fix this. .