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98 Ram, recommendation for bushings?

From : anthony

Q: tim miser wrote of course there were also free local bulletin boards before that but they were only on a local city scale. not really. there were 1000s of hobbiest bbss run on home computers that belonged to a network known as fidonet. email and files could easily be sent nationwide and to many parts of europe and beyond. i myself ran a bbs through the 80s and mid 90s. they were networked through hub systems in most major cities that would dump email to regional hubs. all us hobbiests paid small monthly dues $5 to cover the long distance charges incurred by the hub systems. worked great and provided groups like this and email nationwide. fidonet still exists today but im sure to a much smaller degree. .


From : dctest

ive got a 1997 dakota 3.9l. last year my a/c started blowing hot air. i rarely use the a/c so i wasnt in a hurry to check it out. ive never been impressed with this a/c. the a/c clutch has been loud for the last few years so loud i used the defrost heatonly when i had too. today i put a can of 134a in the system. i checked the pressure and it was low and fine after charging. after i charged the system i ran it for 15 minutes and it cooled a little. now its blowing hot air and the a/c clutch isnt engaging. the clutch isnt even engaging with the defroster on. the low pressure isnt cool now. did i cook my pump any ideas thanks mark .