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98 Ram 5.2 1500 60k and the Water Pump goes?

From : anthony

Q: try one that has the skid plate package. kevin its a pain in the ass the first time you remove the filter those dodge guys must enjoy cranking them down without any kind of lube. the next time will be relatively easy as long as you lubed the gasket. also one word plastics as in use a plastic ziploc type bag for future removal prevents spillage and makes disposal easy. i use a socket type filter wrench that plugs onto a 38 rachet w/extension. dump the drain plug and get a fram suredrain part# sd-2. makes draining the oil a breeze. no more drain pans! i just place the drain hose into a laundry detergent bottle. wayne - 2000 dak qc 4x4 4.7 auto. .


From : cuervojose

tried removing the cap it never helped and yes it does seem like it is sucking air was hoping it would be cheaper than a fuel pump. thanks ill check it out one myself what should i look for. first is to check for vacuum in the tank - when its running like crap remove the gas cap. if it returns to normal your vent is plugged although this usually manifests itself before you get down to 1/8 of a tank. after that id suspect a crack in the rubber/plastic hose inside the fuel pump module. as long as this crack/hole is covered by gas no problem. but when it gets uncovered you start sucking in air along with the gas lowering your fuel pressure and causing the engine to run like crap. this usually means a new fuel pump module is in order. .

From : richardson brian

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