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98 Ram 1500 Backup light not working

From : tbone

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From : michael

budd wrote nate dont come to ut for even an offroad event. heres what ive observed in the two times ive lived in this state. this state is owned and operated by the lds mormon church. subtly they have worked the lds principals into many if not most of the laws and then when someone comments the laws are biased toward lds members they claim religious persecution. you pretty much hit the nail on the head budd. i would also like to add some comments on their effects on social and work settings. if you cant handle the lds way of life you will have a tough time in utah and most of idaho for that matter. with the lds everything is connected to the church. that is their social structure. if you are a very social person you will find that you are not a part of their social life and will feel like you are not a part of the community. i think this is encouraged among the ranks this is very evident in the small towns. fortunately cities the size of st. george and larger have a good mix of other religions so there are other people to socialize with. still it annoys some people. i had no problems with their way of life and actually fit in quite well im a pretty easy going clean cut guy. my wife is a head-strong driven person who had a few more problems fitting into a culture that has suppressed women since their beginning. it was a constant struggle with the male lds co-workers healthcare btw who couldnt handle her take charge personality. if it wasnt for that aspect i would probably still be living there. so long.... =9b=9b=9b=9b=9b=9b=a0eldon ; http// http// .