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98 Ram - No Spark

From : Annonymous

Q: ill admit though i love my pickup im also a geek a geek that rides horses and loves her truck. am i weird or what http// anyway this seems kind of cool if ugly and big and was wondering what yall think of it. jmc do ya want it 130 bucks worth itd probably work ok and be a nice little play toy but i doubt id spend that much for it. thats alot of carrots.. denny my furry friend is known for his frugality thats a pc way of sayin that hes a cheap s.o.b!. hey if you think you would enjoy it go for it. its cheaper than heated leather seats ;^ mike s.o.b.= silly ole bunny thats not exactly what i wuz thinkin of...... ;^ mike denny .


From : scott

well to be honest it would be a very rare item to find as the chevy owner/driver wouldnt want the publicity. otoh i wish i could have taken a picture of my old 64 valiant w/ slant six pulling a toyota 4x4 out of the mud at the old fishin lake a bunch of years ago. but the toyota owner / driver had the attitude mentioned earlier. so i left them stuck up to the axles. when i saw them last there was a ford tow truck pulling them out with a strap like the one i had in the trunk of the valiant. i would have been a lot cheaper. budd duane wrote i am in need of a picture of a dodge ram pulling a chevy out of the ditch preferable in the snow. at work we are having a war about dodge vs chevy and i need to deface a co-workers locker. .

From : tbone

i have one from autostart works great no problems on 2004 1500 ram i am thinking of installing a remote start in my 2003 2500 dodge ram. hemi engine automatic transmission. any comments pro or con. .