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98 Durango check eng. lite

From : martin esmeralda

Q: i have a personal policy that if an email to me contains the continuation of an on topic discussion in a group i copy and post it automatically. i feel the info should be shared. sorry about not noticing you re- sent it here. budd hodad wrote sorry budd didnt intend to send this post to your email. hit the wrong button. if the paper separated from the cardboard ends there would be no little pieces. your oil would just flow around the partially collapsed filter element. without cutting open the filter you wouldnt know it happened. hd really and just where do you think all those little pieces will go the filter is downstream from the pump remember. ive never had a filter fail period. of course i always check to make sure the old gasket came off with the filter a purolator lost one 1 gasket one time. purolator is the other brand i buy. lube both the new gasket and the threads clean the oil filter mount gasket surface carefully and hand tighten firmly. budd hodad wrote if the filter just fell apart inside and quit filtering you wouldnt know it. if it plugged up the port you would. hd ive used fram filters for over 30 years and never had a failure. budd tom & debbie heintz wrote huggins says... just purchased 2003 dakota quad cab with the 4.7 engine. i had hoped to at least be able to do the first oil change myself. cant seem to spot the oil filter. please help! if you look down between the battery and the radiator and the power steering pump you will see a black plastic thing that looks like a chute protruding toward the radiator. follow the chute with your eyes back toward the engine and at the widest part of that black chute you will find a black oil filter. be sure to get a base fitted oil filter attachment from you local wally super store to fit your 3/8 ratchet. you will really need this in order to get the filter loose as it is impossibly tight as provided from the factory! also the damn 14mm drain plug was put on by a gorilla at the factory too not to mention the oil filler cap. i changed mine the first time at 1500 miles and used a fram doublegard filter the number is dg-16 and now i change it at 3000 mile intervals using the fram orange filters ph-16. enjoy! - read the following article and see if you still want to use fram filters http// tml not ragging on ya i used to use fram myself. i quit after reading this article. it ended up being the final factor in that decision. tom heintz mopar maniac .


From : ron s

anyone out there have a opinion on chevron premium 10/30 and valvoline 10/30 thanks .