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98 Dodge ram

From : ed

Q: since i was born in des moines i can vouch for #1 and #2 on your 7 points...... lol probably still settling in but some of us do miss his posts. hi roger thanks much for the concern! i dont really know where to begin to explain everything other than to link you to this post i made late last night just got internet service yesterday http// and to say that we will make it back as soon as possible but under different circumstances. montana/wyoming/dakotas are really amazing places and now that ive seen them i wont be satisfied until im back. -- nathan w. collier http// --- outgoing mail is certified virus free. checked by avg anti-virus system http// version 6.0.502 / virus database 300 - release date 7/18/03 .


From : tom lawrence

if you used silicon sealer it should be ok until next service. just keep an eye on it for leakage. if there is considerable leakage then you should fix it. on mon 13 dec 2004 000715 -0500 kathy wrote good luck on drilling and tapping out the broken bolt. the sure fire way to get out a broken bolt is if you have a mig or tig welder is to keep tacking the broken bolt until you build up enough slag to get a pair of vise grips on it to back it out. you might find that the first few attempts that the weld wont stick thats just because the metal is not hot enough yet be carefull not to tack anything else than the broken bolt.i use this method to take out broken bleeder screws in calipers all the time. friends i have a 1996 1500 pu 4x4 5.9l. it has what the dealership calls a 9 1/4 corporate rear differential. i was changing the lube in it and had removed the cover. as i put the differential cover back on and was tightening the bolts the head of the very top ones sheared off. my question is can i leave it like this until i service it again or am i going to have to get it tapped out thanks steve the dummy .

From : maxpower

the electronic transfer case is a full-time 4wd case. correction the electronic transfer case is part-time. .

From : joe blow

i have a 1998 dodge ram sport.glad to say not a day of trouble.altough one day i noticed the front tires were worn on the outsides.bought new tires and had it alinged.the question i have for you is the steering wheel is not straight any more when driving straight.the truck does not pull at all you can leave your hands off the wheel for quite some time nor does it pull when a do it yourself guy on most thingsmy mechanic said there was a seperate adjustment for this problemis this true and and if so how to remedy the crooked wheelwould be greatly appreciated. thank you ed .

From : snoviper

yes there is right off the high-side of the compressor in the hose about 3 inches long and an inch and a half in diameter what idiot told you that there is no muffler on the ac compressor! - hey guys have not been around for a long while. i thought someone could give me some insite! my 99 durango is making a loud vibration noise when the ac is on. i am told that it is the ac muffler. what is that and why is it making noise. what needs to be done to fix it. thanks andy .