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98 Dodge Ram Fog Lights

From : sportnone

Q: help! after $600 in brake repairs in the last 3 weeks speed/abs sensor rear drums and pads and today a new master cylinder now the truck wont start. without a jump the starter flutters. with a jump the truck will start but as soon as the gas is let off it dies every time. what is going on should i just drive it into the river .


From : tom lawrence

come on greg. not you too. bg read it again. i told him to make sure it was on the compression stroke to start with and even if all hes ever worked on is chevys he should know it needs to be on the compression stroke top dead center when installing a distributor. -- budd cochran on thu 03 nov 2005 143718 gmt budd cochran wrote rick the pump drive is a hex drive 5/16 across the flats iirc i made one out of a section of an old allen hex key wrench and a 5/16 steel rod brazed together. you need to pull the intermediate shaft out to get at it. i suggest you bring number one cylinder up on compression first then if you rotate the engine which you will if you want to check upper oiling make sure you bring it back to the same position before assembling the engine. in the proper position the distributor rotor will point toward number one cylinder. -- budd cochran even if its on the exhaust stroke beekeep .