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97 dodge conversion 2500 suspension upgrade

From : anonymous sender

Q: this problem has me confused/frustrated. i have a 1987 dodge ram w150 4x4 with a 318 2 bbl holley carb; automatic transmission. recently the truck died while i was driving home from work. over a couple of months of troubleshooting and replacing various engine-related components like the carburetor the distributor the spark control unit the timing chain and gear set i found that all that was wrong was a wire. i assume that while putting things back on the truck i dont have something set correctly. i have confirmed that the timing is 8 degrees before tdc according to the vehicle specs. while the vehicle is idling it runs like a top. the problem im having is when im driving up hills mostly. the engine will hesitate and miss. it also has a tremendous loss in power. does anyone have any suggestions for me thanks for your help guy lee .