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97 Ram door noise

From : draique

Q: i got the truck back from the shop tonight. now that the brakes work right it drives great. it needed calipers and new pads they turned the rotors cleaned and adjusted the rear brakes flushed the brake fluid and repacked the wheel bearings. i am going to take care of the other items you mentioned in the next month or two. thanks for the advice - im looking forward to having this truck for a long time. regards tanner .


From : truckster

what is the single most thing you can add to a truck to give it peak performance other than nitrous im guessing a supercharger but is there a cheaper way to get good budget horse that makes a noticeable difference cheers remo rosati author divine intervention http// now available at over 50000 bookstores .

From : derek l smith

thanks ill give it a try if the weather stripping looks old and dried out or torn replacement is necessary. another cause may be that the door was swung open hard and the area that the hinges bolt on to was bent. but adjustment would be the easiest solution. just loosen the door pin on the frame and move it in a little. its coming from the doors. its not as bad with the a/c on and the recirculating air but its still annoying. thanks where is the noise coming from doors front window vents dash... etc. i have a 97 ram 1500 that has really loud air noise at speed. is there different insulation/weatherstripping for this or do i need to have the doors adjusted. thanks for your help .

From : truckster

jonathan kaplan wrote is it just me or has this past week had the quickest increase in prices for the past year last saturday i filled my truck for $1.47 in nj. this week its up to $1.67 for name brand gas and $1.59 for no-name regular. next weekend is a long holiday weekend. happens every summer. youre lucky you are not in phoenix. there have been some major problems here causing gas to average $2.25 and a few stations as high as $3.99. .