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97 Ram check engine light?

From : low places

Q: i last changed the oil at 162500. thanks jason .


From : tom lawrence

thank you much -- mike hammett those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. -benjamin franklin 1755 i will never let my schooling get in the way of my education. -mark twain i see a bunch of oil on it. is there any oil in there or is it just remnants from a previous leak power steering. theres a gasket there thats probably leaking. the cad actually goes into the axle as that whole rectangular part of the axle is open to the cad sealed with that gasket. its easy enough to change. jack up the passenger side of the axle and put it on a jackstand this will cause all the gear oil to pool in the diff/drivers side axle tube so not much will leak out on you. remove the four bolts on the cover and pull it straight back. remove the old gasket and replace it with either a new one or a bead of rtv silicone. when you put the cad pack make sure to align the shift fork the two-pronged thing sticking out from the cover you just pulled with the shift collar the round thing inside with the slot in the middle of it that connects to two axle shafts together - the fork goes in that slot. tighten the bolts to 20-25 ft. lbs. or so ie. good n snug but not as tight as you can crank em and youre all set. .

From : guitar boogie jim wrote for a 1997 dodge ram 1500 w/318 97000 miles. i have been beating myself over the head with trying to figure out whats wrong with my truck. sometimes it will run for a few hundred miles with no problems and sometimes it dies repeatedly. after it sits for a time it starts sometimes it takes quite a few tries. in the past i have replaced the coil coil wire plug wires fuel pump and catalytic converter. i have taken it into two shops that had no idea what the problem was. about a week ago the truck was just dying over and over i had quite a time getting it to a dodge dealer shop. the next day they had told me it was the coil. i had told them i had replaced it and they were sure thats what was wrong with it. three hundred miles later its acting up again. the dodge shop said it would be extremely difficult to figure out whats wrong with it without it acting up on the diagnostic. im not sure why they didnt do that when it was acting up consistantly. any info would be greatly appreciated! it sounds a little like a fuel flow issue. you said you replaced the fuel pump but you might have the fuel tank & lines flushed/replaced. there may be bits of debris from god knows where... that get stirred up while the vehicle is in motion and eventually clog up against the pump or filter. when the engine shuts down pressure is released and the particles re-settle until the next time theyre stirred up. this happened to a friend of mine with a car that had an in-the-tank fuel pump. ive also heard of jokers putting a plastic sphere in someones gas tank that will get sucked up into the fuel intake kill the engine and then float off once pump pressure is released. good luck! el capitan -- a rose by any other name would be deadly thorn-bearing assault vegetation. .