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97 Ram: Passenger side carpet is wet

From : mr m

Q: on sat 28 jun 2003 224107 gmt denny wrote http// check this out. kinda makes the ole cummins look like a tinker toy!! denny i think ill go do to autozone and see if they have a gasket set for it. beekeep .


From : just me

1999 3500 cummins cruise control stopped working. press cruise and lights up on dash will not set resume etc. i know there are a lot of inputs/outputs to make the cc work is any one a higher failure item than any other such as tps etc truck is still running fine with no transmission weirdness or anything else. any help appreciated. .

From : roy

97 ram kingcab....passenger side flooring is wet. i have checked and rechecked cant find a drip anywhere. have sprayed a high pressure hose at it in the rear window and both passenger side windows with no visible leaks. pulled the center upper brake light and sealed it with rtv silicone. rained again yesterday and carpets on passenger side are damp again this morning. it does have a sliding rear window that when you spray a hose directly at the center seam it leaks a little but the water does not appear to be going toward the passenger side. is it possible the water is coming in from underneath it is not an ac drain leak because the carpeting is dry up under the dash and the ac drain drips outside just fine so it is not clogged. i am thinking of having the rear window replaced or at least re-sealed. any one have any other suggestions id suggest rechecking the ac drain. it may be dripping but maybe not enough to keep up with the ac condensation which also can occur if youre using the defroster while it is raining. there may be partial blockage in the drain due to bugs crawling up in there etc. ive had the stuff on my passenger-side carpet before and the upper carpet wasnt wet - the condensate just ran out of a tray under the dash particularly when you took a hard left corner. .

From : fmb

one myself what should i look for. first is to check for vacuum in the tank - when its running like crap remove the gas cap. if it returns to normal your vent is plugged although this usually manifests itself before you get down to 1/8 of a tank. after that id suspect a crack in the rubber/plastic hose inside the fuel pump module. as long as this crack/hole is covered by gas no problem. but when it gets uncovered you start sucking in air along with the gas lowering your fuel pressure and causing the engine to run like crap. this usually means a new fuel pump module is in order. .