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97 Ram 1500 - Catalytic Converter replacement

From : abe

Q: call dodges 800 number and give them your vin. they can tell you over the phone or will mail/fax the build sheet for your vehicle. they did it for me and many others. james .


From : Annonymous

on sun 10 aug 2003 132908 -0400 joe follest wrote i have a 98 dodge ram 1500. i took it to the dealer with the check engine light on and they said it was the clogged cat convertor which i had fixed and that restored my power majorly but i still have a problem with it consuming oil. no blue smoke out the exhaust and no oil leaks. i have no idea where all this oil is going but i drove 1800 km and went from a fresh oil change to about 1 qt showing on the stick. any help is appreciated. thanks guys and gals joe with the engine runnig remove the oil fill and see if you have a vacumn there. if you do you sucked in the plenum gasket on the intake. dodge has had this problem for over ten years now know about it know how to fix the problem rtv instead of a gasket and laugh every time it fucks someone like you. i would guess $400 for the repair. beekeep .

From : abe

also i swapped in some axles off of a 2500 t/diesel onto my 1500 4x4 and the shop threw out that valve because they did not know what it was. $130 later i have a new one because the rear would lock up all the time. it was scary too stop because it stopped too well with full braking to the rear. should i get the proportioning valve for a 2500 diesel also what about the master cylinder/booster narrow that even further to the 2500s with the z8x suspension. the part is relatively rare as i found when trying to replace mine. dealers and junkyards did not even know what i was referring to and i had to show them in the computer. wmhj wrote does anyone know if they put them on the 2003 1500 i think they were put only on the 9798 and 99 4x4 model years. .