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97 RAM starting problem

From : ace1

Q: on fri 25 jul 2003 155616 gmt budd cochran wrote roger c. covalt wrote bud and nate and everyone else first of all i knew there was one of regulars that had moved out to utah and i thought it was you bud but wasnt sure. yep. moved here because my father-in-laws health was failing and he needed more care. stuck here because my health has declined partially i believe due to the stresses of desert life. couldnt be the stress that you put on yourself could it let me ask you something roger. what are the three primary attributes of a true god here we go again. another monte python movie. this one isnt in search of the holy grail though it is in search of the elusive and minuscule mind of budd. not being an offroader or a hiker i dont really get to enjoy those freedoms so they arent important to me. a freedom ive lost here is the freedom to be not looked down on because i dont believe as they do. budd i dont think that is it. people just like to see a little thought process in others. that is all they are probably looking for in you. the mormons have some fine teachings that are biblically supported. i follow them myself and have with my family. im non-denominational btw. me im right handed. salt lake city was recently announced as having less than 50% lds population. moab has less than 40%. the problem lies in that in places where no religious is needed the mormons pile it on almost to the point of being discriminatory. what ive studied the teachings five times. ive researched the lds faith online. it has some serious problems that are irreconcilable among which the failed prophecies of joseph smith are only the tip of the iceberg. send me a email and list them for you. yeah well i read the concrete blond three times. good book less stress. as a mormon once you hit the local registry rolls youll have no problems. but when a non mormon walks into a local establishment and as soon as your name is mentioned you see the friendliness leave and the only reason is that the business is lds connected what does that tell you oh theyll take the money but you wont be treated as friendly as a church member. so wtf difference does that make what is it that you need budd a pat on the back every where you go your dollar still spends the same. if they chose to like other mormons better than a moron they can do that. im not a brow-beating conservative but i dont want the government taking over my responsibilities in life to my god myself my family and my country. personally i think the elected officials should work for minimum wage / 40 hrs / week and the government should get only 10% taxes . . god lives on it fine why cant the government as for the planet..god created it for us to use wisely until he returns and builds the new heaven and earth. i dont keep fish if i cant eat them. i dont believe in trophy hunting for pure sport. i believe that if the epa had some real scientists with real objectivity then environmental laws could make sense...they dont now. and i dont believe in evolution. budd first off grab a hold to a little reality. you are a brow beating conservative. as well as a fire and brimstone religious zealot. to see you bitch and cry about the way that you are treated by people who have strong religious beliefs is hilarious. .