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97 Dodge Ram 5.2L - shreading serpentine belt

From : abe

Q: we took a 1500 mile trip back in june. the average for the trip was 15.9 mpg. it had 3000 miles on it then. 7500 now and gets about the same. my wife drives it most of the time. with her lead foot around town 12.9 mpg is average. sch 2003 dodge 1500 slt quadcab 4x4 4.7l on tue 15 jul 2003 215410 -0400 jonathan kaplan wrote today i did it! 18.85 mpg. ram 1500 2wd with 4.7l 5 speed auto. 65 mph avg and tonneau cover. it almost made the epa rating of 19. the truck is a 2003 with 4700 miles. whats everyones record .


From : oregon

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From : abe

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From : tbonetbone

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From : tom lawrence

i must emphasize that i am talking about a 3500 short bed which is not available with dual rear wheels. for 03 the 3500 long bed is also available with or without dual rear wheels. i understand the law in regard to clearance lights on dual wheel vehicles. its just a requirement for width - its anything over a certain gvwr - somewhere around 7500-8000lbs my 99 2500 is 8800 gvw and has no clearance lights. .

From : tom lawrence

the bottom pulley where the alignment problem appears is neighbored on one side by the water pump/fan which is very close to it. just above it actually. on the other side the tensioner is the first pulley and quite far away. one think about the water pump pulley - its not a pulley with ribs and an edge - its smooth. the belt could float around on the water pump pulley. im looking at a diagram now i was picturing the routing on my v10s before. youre right about the water pump pulley. i also agree the tensioner is too far away and out the outfeed side to have much influence on the belts position on the crank pulley. i would still suspect the ps pump pulley. how does the belt lay around the water pump pulley is there a shiny strip on the front side of the pulley possibly indicating the belt is positioned too far back on it id try pulling the ps pulley out about 1/32 of an inch or so. you need a special tool to do this - most auto parts places should rent it for a few dollars. .

From : lee bower

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From : tom lawrence

ok ill try a different mfrs wires and see what that does... of course the light hasnt come on for the last 2 days! doesnt seem to be specifically related to towing the check engine light but im getting reasonably good at changing wires on this thing... .

From : abe

thanks for the replys. turns out the cork gasket just didnt want to let go. i tried the mallet and finally had to resort to prying with a screwdriver. thanks again brad loosen dont remove! all the bolts and tap it gently with a rubber mallet and stand back! make sure you have an adequate drain pan underneath it. chryco service manager member sae hi all i am in need of assistance rather quickly. are there any secrets to removing the transmission pan on an 01 dakota with the 3.9. i have half the bolts out and it wont budge. thanks in advance brad .