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97 Dakota (Runns poorly)

From : rogerx

Q: . actually starting off puts far more stress on the clutch then engine braking unless you are an idiot and try to use second gear at 60 mph to slow down. i have over 80000 miles and engine brake all of the time and so far no problems and still the factory clutch. why would you replace the pressure plate unless you gouged it do you replace the drums and rotors every time you replace the pads and shoes -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving i replace the pressure plate due to the springs tending to get a little weak. that can lead to slipping or chatter. since im kinda lazy and hate doing the labor twice i just replace the disc plate throw out bearing and pilot if equipped as part of the clutch job. it just isnt fun to replace the disc and 20000 miles later take it back apart to replace something else. denny fair enough. i guess that it depends on the level of use that shifting you put it through. i tend not to use the clutch while upshifting past first gear. you must have some big truck experience behind you. it seems like most of them i know just use the clutch for stops. denny .


From : derwin

i have a 97 dakota that for 111k miles has run perfect best truck i have ever owned and ive owned a lots in 70 years. this morning when i turned the ignition switch it just clicked. the battery i told my self so i replaced the battery with a known good one. when i turned the ignition swith it started but will not idle you can keep it running by pushing on e gas and letting off as it reevs up but if you take your foot off the gas it dies. take the truck for a little drive two footing it if you have to come to a stop. this will give the controller time to relearn. it seems that this happens fairly often when a battery has been replaced or if a battery is just getting weak. one problem i do have started about a month ago and i wonder if it could be the cause. i developed a rattle in the catalytic converter. i took it to the muffler shop and they wanted $180.00 to replace it. i told him i could put up with the rattle for that kind of money. he then said if you run it that way pieces of it will clogg up your muffler and burn a valve. i though he was just trying to sell me a converter was i wrong. as the converter rattles itself to pieces the muffler can get plugged up. you will notice a lack of power extremely sluggish doesnt want to pull itself as the muffler gets restricted. i would really doubt that it would burn a valve tho. was the battery just a coincidence. the new battery has been in the truck about 10 hours and it still starts the truck i think no short. i think it was a coincidence go drive it and get the converter replaced. $180 for a converter is cheap. denny any suggestions will be appreciated. have a nice day rogerx .

From : denny

budd im not going to get in to a gospel flame war here. nobody wins. people end up getting pissed off at each other and ending friendships that way. ive been in and seen enough debates to know that anyone can bring up scriptures and history to disprove the others faith/beliefs but then the other comes back with more all in the name of love. lets just end this discussion by just giving each other a big hug and kiss over the internet i wont tell my wife if you dont tell yours. do weall really have to watch this g denny .

From : scanman

sounds like its time to service the tranny. make absolutely sure that you use 7176 mopar fluid only no dextron or you will fry the tranny. and make sure that you use a mopar filter not an aftermarket one. if any dextron gm fluid has been introduced into the tranny it would explain the strange behavior. it has different lubricating qualities than the required fluid. when you do change better to get it flushed to get as much of the old junk out as you can. good luck. on fri 25 jul 2003 002132 -0400 les dudiss wrote i have a 98 durango 92k mi. ive had it for 2 1/2 years. when i bought it in december i thought something was strange about the tranny. figured it must be how 4x4/suv/trucks work. that spring the symptoms seemed to almost disappear. oh yeah the symptoms resists shifting from 2nd to 3rd during cold weather or the first shift of the day during warmer weather. that following autumn the problems returned worse. i had to drive a good mile down the road before the tranny would wake up and get to work. but it would only happen on the first run of the day so by the end of the day id forget about it till the next morning. after living with this for a year i took it to the dealer moser dodge - cincinnati ohio. as i described the problem to the technician he nodded with familiarity and told me that durangos and dakotas do that and no there were no recalls. one very cold day i took it to a local transmission specialist near the dodge dealer and he told me that not only do the durangos and dakotas have this problem but jeep grand cherokees too! he said he gets a few in every time the weather gets cold. initially the trouble was more prevalent when the outside temperature was in the 40s or colder. gradually that changed and now it doesnt matter what the temperature is. when im accelerating i let off the gas to let it shift to 3rd and then increase the throttle to continue. ive gotten used to it. a grain of truth dale a silo. i just bought a 98 dakota and when my neighbor saw ithe is also a dodge owner he said i hope you have a spare couple of grand because you are gonna have to replace that tranny. is there even a grain of truth to his assertion that all dodge trucks have substandard transmissions i looked the truck up on some kind of consumer reporting website before i bought it and they said that it was a pretty much trouble free truck. please tell me that my tranny isnt destined to fail! the only other dodge i have ever owned is a 84 ram charger and i loved that truck with that big ole 360 and extra large tires wish i still had it but the mileage sucked and i travel a lot for work. any input from this group of dodge lovers will be greatly appreciated! dale simpson .