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Q: lying. perhaps but it is only a insiuation. dont be so thin skinned. as for it being the truth i do not tell lies when it comes to my experiences. i dont need to its been an incredible adventure. ive done more than the average person because ive accepted every challenge as they came. heres what i do. those that piss me off or that i think are total assholes i ignore. i dont respond to them at all. i dont use the kf i just ignore them. actually it is only one so it is pretty easy to do. also as time goes by fewer and fewer people respond to him. i prefer to get along with people denny and bryan foust have met me in person and i try to avoid arguments but it will always get my goat when im told the things ive done in my life are lies. you are the only one that know what you have done over the years. it matters not whether people believe you or not. further if they dont so what it dont mean jack shit. because i am quite proud with what ive accomplished in spite of coming from a poor family. because i was raised to defend my honor to the death if need be as well as the honor of my friends and family. old fashioned yes but its me. most people have done things they are proud of no matter where they came from. but it does not matter here. ya cant let folks bait you by what they write. they are simply pushing your buttons and you provide the desired reaction. maybe but they need to consider what kind of a person would take pleasure from causing distress to another human being. the really weird part is that many that have done to me in the past brag about how much they care for their fellow man so what!! some people are ass holes ignore them!!! different people do different things some are bullys some are not. you make a decision to respond to the people that you precieve have done this. by responding nothing is accomplished imo. just more of the same. there are always people that you arent going to get along with no matter what ya do. trying to get along with them will give ya heartburn. so ya just dont play with them. sorta like a 12 step program. ya gotta realize what ya can and cant control here all ya can control is yourself. i understand and ive run into that type in other groups but i have to be who i am. please take this in the spirit in which it was intended. i think i have and i still like you . . .for some dumb reason. vbg good!! ya gotta cause im older! g yeah older dont make ya smarter. sure it does at least in this case. im not involved in bs with 3 or 4 people oh ya im also the voice of reason.gbfg now theres a jump ball!! dang it! nwthr z pep one al ofer d kay brd. oh road runners still suck!! bfg just read an article in a mopar action about one of the winged wonders that set 28 records at bonneville in the mid seventies and i remember smokey yunick trying to set a bunch a few years earlier . . .but hes still ticked off at that. i remember the studebaker avanti with a 289 paxton on top was for a while the fastest production car. 168.8 mph that car was waay ahead of its time imo. agreed. too bad the paxton supercharger was running at it limits at the time. had a friend at the muffler factory that had the 289 in a lark 2-door that hed built up with stage 2 parts 4-speed and 4.11 welded spider axle . . .that sucker was a handful when the axle began tramping those 9.75 x 15 snow treads. ill bet it was. budd roy .