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95 dodge dakota, starting problems

From : jarhead59 msn com

Q: even then wasnt it a rwal system i dont think so not on the heavy duty trucks. perhaps someone else knows more about the ford line than i do. -- nathan w. collier http// http// http// http// .


From : napalmheart

hey all you cdt and other diesel owners what kind of fuel mileage do you average inner city and highway 05 qc 4x4 auto w/411 rear 14.5 city 19.5 highway at 60mph mt roy .

From : max dodge

maybe you can find the mirrors you want on a website that will ship international. that is the problem the dodge dealers here in chile only have the original one not the foldaway mirror. thanks for your answers! nosey wrote clt wrote does any one knows if there are some mirrors from other trucks that fit in a 99 dakota sport i want to replace the original ones with some mirrors that can be turned into the truck wehn the truck is parked. in usa are a lot of aftermarket options but here we have only dealers with original parts. may be a nissan or ford mirror will do it thanks in advance. chris. i bet foldaway mirrors from a 99 dakota would fit very well. call your dodge dealer and have them look up part numbers 55154845ae and 55154844ad. .

From : tbone

budd cochran wrote well one good reason to stop before entering the traffic from a driveway alley or parking lot entrance gate is because the law says youre supposed to stop in most states. but check your states current drivers licensing manual to be sure. budd nathan w. collier wrote choosing not to stop before exiting a parking lot onto a very busy city street is negligent at best. bullshit......... the local walmart where i live has no stop sign or a painted stop on the pavement at their exit before the street and i exit there all the time without stopping first. why should i.... there is a clear view of traffic at least a 100 feet in both direction before even getting to the exit and that view is 500-600 feet on both sides of the road. so if there is no traffic for several hundred feet on the road before the exit why should anyone stop. i doubt there is a single person around this ng that has never done the same thing. it doesnt really matter nate and like i said before i understand your frustration and right to be mad because your truck has been wrecked but youre picking at straws now. jerry good driving habits if not the letter of the law require two complete stops and visual checks one for pedestrians before crossing the sidewalk and one for approaching vehicles before entering the roadway. rick .

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is there any real improvement in performance when increasing the timing. i would almost be afraid to do that as it would probably cause the ecm to go nuts as it tries to compensate. .