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"94 B 350 Ram Van check engine light?

From : lumpy

Q: tell me bright eyes how many more republicans are on the welfare roles due to lack of education then democrats. it was a democrat that designed the palm beach ballot in 2000 and it was democrats who could not figure out what it said a great testimonial to democratic intellectual abilities. youre wrong on all counts as usual. however this is not the proper forum for testicularly deprived chickenhawks like you to pound their chests..... how is he wrong you mean it was republicans complaining because they voted for the wrong candidate you made the accusation he was wrong - now back it up! but thats like trying to get facts from a liberal.... oh yes and you are the oracle of karl rovian bullshit. isnt it uncomfortable having your head crammed up his ass i wouldnt know im a conservative look at this - im here one day and im already arguing at a third grade level you didnt need to tell us you are a pubican goose-stepper. it drips out of your ill-informed flat earth posts not a republican an agnostic fiscal conservative is as close to a workable label as ive come up with. personal responsibility is my watchword. well were close on the agnostic part...that alone would get you drummed out of the pubican party.... personal responsibility i have to go battle with two assholes tuesday; they did $6000 damage to my truck and wont accept responsibility for it..... theres a lot of that around here mass. it no longer seems to be about doing whats right but what one can get away with. best we can do is stay true to our ethical code. my ethical code means spending $3000 to prove a point; namely that these parties are scum. .