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93 power steering rack.

From : crookedridez

Q: and notice i didnt even mention how styling for vehicles has gone down the drain. ive seen better looking designs thrown away at chainsaw speed carving contests. budd max340 wrote have you forgotten the escalade and the . . .wait. . . those things are a truck suv car or any recognizable vehicle are they that escalade/chevy avalanche thing... thats scary...... one minute the thing has room for four passengers next minute ya can put cargo in the cab with ya. bad part is some jackass will load it up with lumber or steel pipe have to stop suddenly and wonder why the front seats left their mounts. then itll be a rich jackass going back out and buying a pickup truck. max spam filters why purify an undesired substance .


From : jr

gary i see now where the pricing differs. i was comparing the quad-cab dodge to the crew-cab chevy. that would make much more sense in the leg room department if thats what you are comparing another thing to consider is safety. with the dodge you have a beam in between the 2 doors with the chevy quad you dont. here in oregon they are really trying to dump the quad-cab chevys. cant get a good deal like that on a crew-cab. where are you located anyway steve i found the back seat in the quad cab seemed to allow more leg room than the chevy. i set the front seat at my comfort then climbed in the back and had about 2 inches more leg room in the dodge. interesting as to the pricing comment. i spoke to a local dodge dealer about the pricing...a comparably equipped chevy long bed diesel quadcab with most bells and whistles is quoted at $27645 sticker $36000 and change. i told the dodge dealer and he started making excuses that gm dumps vehicles at year end. left the impression that a dodge 2500 short bed that is about $1k less cant be had for that low a price. am i at the wrong dealer or is there that much difference between dodge and chevy pricing gary sydney68 wrote gary i was in the same boat a month ago. heres a few things that helped me in my choice. warranty 7 years powertrain on the dodge vs 5 for the engine and 3 for the powertrain on the chevy. allison tranny is very expensive to fix. price wow i got a fully loaded dodge 3500 laramie and it was way cheaper than a comp chevy. which back seat area are you liking better the chevy or the dodge they chevy has more room in the back but then again im behind the wheel so i didnt really give a rats ass about that. ive ridden in the back to see how it was and there is plenty of room for an adult. the chevy has no storage at all in the back while the dodge has plenty. i also read stories of people folding down the seats in the chevy and tearing up the front seats if there back to far. steve .

From : crookedridez

then you need to have it towed to the shop. you have serious problems if the front disks wont lock. budd dick wrote i only have the std. rear only abs. when i need to stop it doesnt! scary question do you have abs ill bet you do. if you have thats why you cant lock up. budd dick wrote my 97s brakes are dangerous when in a panic stop situation like im sliding on ice. no lockup.i just ordered a master cylinder 15/16 vs 1 on 97 & a booster for 10.5-31 x 15 tires off a 2000 durango. anybody see any problems with this replacement/conversion i noticed in 2000 dodge offered 11 rear drums as an option does anyone here have them on their dakota or have an opinion on converting mine i assume i would have to replace the preportioning valve also anything else besides backing plates w/ shoes etc.& drums cables from doaner truck. i know disc would be better but cost is too high. dick .