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93 Dakota Will Not Start

From : scott b hogle

Q: anybody have an idea of what a 1985 ramcharger passenger side rear glass is worth. keith ps also have rear lid and glass .


From : old traveler

please help 2001 dodge ram 1500 42000 miles 5.9 v8 the check engine light has been on for two weeks. the code is p0442 which meas evaporative emission control system leak detected small leak ive checked the gas cap. it seams ok. also i looked around for a lose hose. what elese could it be anyone else have this problem thanks bill .

From : old traveler

yes. it was replaced with a new one. ot have you checked the asd relay auto shut down the quick and dirty test is to swap another relay into the asd slot and see what happens. good luck. sbh the truck has the following problems 1. fuel pump has no voltage going to it. 2. tact does not jump up when engine is cranked. 3. check engine light does not come on. the truck is a v6 with fuel injection. anyone got any ideas on what the common problem may be ot posted via - still only $9.95 - http// the worlds uncensored source .

From : nitpik

thats why theyre higher priced. the high priced performance vehicles come with mobil 1 from the factory. oh no what ever should we do a clever rocket scientist have figured out why they charge so much money for the corvettes and the vipers.. .