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92 Dak 318 - intermittent shutdown - info only

From : leroy

Q: wrote i posted this several months ago. finally got it fixed early october. replaced the crank positioning sensor. $80.00 - no help. finally broke down and bought a junk-yard computer off a 4wd 318 mine is 2wd. presto. no more shutdowns. the truck seems to have a different personality also. it seems to have more low-end torque - quicker off the line -- or is it just my imagination interesting. dya think the junkyard computer was also from a different state i.e. different emission requirements **orig post** 1992 dakota 318 a/t will intermittently shut down if i am travelling at road speed the engine continues to turn and in approx 8-10 seconds it may or may not start back up own its own. its just same as if you turned the ignition off and back on except.when it happens the tach falls to zero and the maint reqd light goes off it has been on for some time but all of the other guages continue to register normally. also the check engine lamp sometimes refuses to come back on when the swirch is turned off and back on. when it finally does come back on the engine will then start back up. it has been doing this for about a year and nobody has been able to find it. the distributer module was replaced .. waste of money. it acts exactly like some circuit breaker is tripping then resetting itsself. it is totally intermittent. it may do it once/week or several times/day. can find no commonality like i just hit a bump or am in a hard turn or whatever except -- maybe -- it seems to be more frequent during hotter weather. if it was the fuel pump then the tach and ck eng lamp should not shutdown. if it was the ign switch then all of the other guages should quit. also or am i wrong about that have checked the batt cables tugged and pulled on all harnesses with it idleing have looked and puzzled and beat on everything in sight under the hood have cursed and jumped up and down. i have a factorty manual have studied the wiring diagrams for circuit breakers etc can find none. the thing has got me stumped. so many garys and clydes leroy .


From : leroy

lol been there. but i also liked seeing my wifes reaction when she seen it drop well into single didgits when i layed into my old truck. why you dont like knowing how bad that lead foot is hurthing your pocket book ; no a lot fewer customer calls...and the lengthy explanation about instantaneous..... mike i cant seem to get it to change from average economy to instant economy. i believe they did away with the instant economy display somewhere between 00 and 03 a friends 00 has it - my 03 does not iirc 03 is the first year without it. denny thank the lord! ;^ mike .

From : just another

friday 538 pm as i was exiting the interstate i let off the accelerator the tach dropped like the trans was in neutral. i tried to accelerate - nothing. i towed it to the shop today should have a estimate on repairs tomorrow. i checked the mail when i got home this evening and my tps re wire kit had arrived. -- billy k 95 ram 2500 cummins 4x4 -- posted via - premium uncensored group service -------http// unlimited access anonymous accounts uncensored broadband access .