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91 Dodge Caravan ignition switch replacement

From : Annonymous

Q: on mon 24 oct 2005 213141 gmt denny wrote not just any rabbit.....a cute snuggly huggable little bunny that loves to be hugged..... denny little were talking vertically right lets put it this way i cast a longer but thinner shadow than our east coast buddy.. denny must be the angle of the sun in the midwest huh mac so that is where the sun is!! think we have had 2 days of sun in the paxt couple of weeks. heavy rain and 50mph winds today. but it could be a hell of a lot worse. roy please remove splinters before emailing .


From : wesley

. 222 307236 dgd7f.87$ im considering purchasing this reader initially for diagnostics and reset on a 1996 b3500 dodge van http// if you have personal experience using this device please comment on your assesment of its utility and quality. thanks martin i have one and id consider selling it. what exactly do you want to know its not a lot better than the $40 ones. looks neater but functionally is about the same. al .

From : beekeep

well...sounds a bit different than what i had happen but hopefully what i can tell you may be of some help. when mine went belly up - i turned the ignition and it would turn on but instead of hitting the spring resistance and cranking the engine it just swiveled to a stop without cranking. there are 2 parts - the lock cylinder the round part the key slides into and the ignition switch - the lock cylinder engages the ignition switch to make the car start etc. i will email you off-list directly some scanned images of the directions that came with my new ignition switch - that will probably help you greatly. youll need to remove the shroud around the steering column then youll need some of those security type torx bits - the ones with the hole in the middle. mine died at work and the bits i actually had gotten a while back and were sitting in a pile in the basement waiting to get to the toolbox in the i had to have my wife bring them to me! good ole murphy at work! - anyway the directions step you through the proper procedure to remove the ignition switch with lock cylinder intact then how to remove the lock cylinder then the correct re-assembly steps to make sure everything works - part of the system is to engage the steering column lock - be a little hard to drive if you cant turn the wheel! its kinda tedious but not too difficult. my problem was the collar at the end of the lock cylinder had broken off so it couldnt engage the ignition switch far enough. if the ignition switch is ok and the lock cylinder out of the way its possible you might be able to use a screwdriver or something to turn the ignition switch. thats how someone almost stole my wifes plymouth acclaim a few years ago... anyway...mine is now working properly again just have another key on my keychain... - the local dodge dealership could get one in and key it to mine but that was more $$ that it was worth... good luck! wesley ....the ignition lock on my van has disintegrated. basically the sleeve that goes into the barrel came out with the key and a lot of pins and springs fell out too. it had been loose for a while and causing some electrical trouble too i think but now its history. ive looked thru the faqs and still am in the dark. the van is a long tow from a garage rural quebec. sooo - i briefly once was able to get the assembly to turn with a flat-headed screwdriver but no longer. i can see a vaguely d-shaped hole at the bottom where i stuck the screwdriver but there is a now-rounded stub of metal in it that keeps me from getting a grip. my questions then 1 any way to get the stub out the vans a beater and i would be happy to just use a screwdriver in future. 2 it looks like to disassemble the switch and lock i must remove the shroud from the steering column and to do that it looks like i must remove the steering wheel. anybody know a diagram or instructions for doing this on the web thanks for any help - my email eddress is - remove shorts to get the real address. .

From : Annonymous

rm@blah.blah writes i can idle it up temporarily and try this i have been following these related threads and wondered if i had the same trouble as you. what fixed yours when you found out the trouble i honestly doubt that its fixed just that the symptoms have temporarily cleared up following two doses of cc cleaner. prior to this we had tried everything starting with a compression test replacing the wires plugs coil mac valve flushing injectors swapping injectors the wiring tsb etc. initially 18 months ago the problems cleared up for 5-6 months ar a time just with an injector flush but over time came back always same cylinder p0307. most recently the injector flush was no longer having any effect. also it wasnt until 6 weeks ago that we woke up to the fact it was only occurring at low engine speed below 1000 rpm. the cc cleaner i feel has us at least back to where we were 18 months ago with the problem being temporarily mitigated. im hopeful its gone forever but we fought it so long and hard that im not optimistic. .