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90 Dodge Dakota (not charging)

From : Annonymous

Q: looking for some help deciding between 3/4 ton gas/diesel. since i dont tow much my reflex is to go gas... just by the new hemi. but here are my parameters... 1. i live at 9500 and my commute takes me up and down the mountain. i want an engine/tranny combo thats well suited for this over the years. making this climb one or more times a day will a diesel last longer... all other things being equal 2. i want the best fuel efficiency so will diesel fare better in making the climb than gas 3. for performance and safety winter mountain driving i want a manual transmission. unless im wrong that rules out the new 1500. 4. i will on occaision tow equipment up to my place for excavation landscaping work etc. so basically i need a really good utility vehicle that i can count on for years. i dont have a religious preference gas or diesel im just looking to make the sensible choice. suggestions/comments thanks. if you plan on keeping it longer than the standard warranty get the diesel. i have a 99 2500 qc 4x4 with the 5.9l diesel and love it. the only downfall of the diesel engine is finding fuel and initial cost. once you get to know which brand gas stations typically carry diesel fuel you should have no problems there. when you are on trips to areas that are not familiar to you be sure to start looking for fuel at about a quarter of a tank approx 400 miles for me ;^. as far as laying out the extra cash at purchase time try to remember that it doesnt cost more it only costs longer. you should be able to get the increased cost of the engine back when its time to sell. .


From : don

help someone stole my radio out of my 90 dodge dakota the dash lights died at the same time i need a schematic for this truck the dealer is no help thanks don .

From : don v6 with new alternator and internal regulator and new battery will not charge. checked all fuses and wiring plus took alternator back for a replacement tested at advanced auto and is putting out but still no luck. driving me crazy. please email with any advice. thanks group... bill i have the very same problem with my 90 dodge dakota if you have a solution to this prob. please help thanks .

From : nitpik

$6991 -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving start laughing a little harder........ $6990 denny 7k lol you may be waiting a while. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving gee money is a little tight for me right now just bought another house. $5600 if money is so tight why did your bid jump $200 im waiting you guys out. im going to start bidding at about $7k. gotta weed out all the non-serious offers ya know! ;^ .

From : scanman

maybe i should have written quicker... those who understand the torque characteristics of the diesel engine and the tdi in particular know exactly what im referring to. there is one hill on a side road here that the vw will climb faster than anything ive ever owned. man you must have owned some really weak cars. .