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85 D150 Drop Spindles

From : william oconnor

Q: i appreciate all the help. i have been unable to find a competent mechanic at any price. they all say either it is too old or they dont have the facilities to store it. it would have to stay at the mechanics shop for several days because the problem is so inconsistent. back in february after installing the electric fuel pump and other parts it was fine for several months. i do have one other clue. the coil does get very hot even though it is located on the outside of the engine compartment. is this normal it gets so hot it would burn you.the ballost resistor has been changed its only getting 9 volts. the battery is not being overcharged.does anybody know a mechanic in my area that could help i live in sw fla ft myers area.i would be glad to pay top wage for someone that could help. it seems maybe one of these mopar high performance guys would be familar with this engine. thanks again to all. bruce ft myers fla .


From : budd cochran

youre welcome. i once had a friend decide he just had to rebuild the 400m in his truck until i opened the idle mixture screws a couple turns . . . have fun but be safe. budd guy lee wrote hey thanks budd i think that did it. i set the timing and then noticed that the adjustment screw on the left front of the carb was set different than the right side. once i backed it out a couple of turns the truck runs much better. i appreciate your help immensely. now i can start driving my truck--it has been side-lined for months.... sincerely guy set the timing to 10 degrees btdc and check that your carb is giving you a healthy shot of fuel from the accelerator pump. budd guy lee wrote this problem has me confused/frustrated. i have a 1987 dodge ram w150 4x4 with a 318 2 bbl holley carb; automatic transmission. recently the truck died while i was driving home from work. over a couple of months of troubleshooting and replacing various engine-related components like the carburetor the distributor the spark control unit the timing chain and gear set i found that all that was wrong was a wire. i assume that while putting things back on the truck i dont have something set correctly. i have confirmed that the timing is 8 degrees before tdc according to the vehicle specs. while the vehicle is idling it runs like a top. the problem im having is when im driving up hills mostly. the engine will hesitate and miss. it also has a tremendous loss in power. does anyone have any suggestions for me thanks for your help guy lee .