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'74 Van 318 Backfire problem

From : toivo maki

Q: on 7/4/03 0529 nathan w. collier wrote its time to shut down the computer box it up and prepare to stick it in the uhaul. although im not actually leaving until tomorrow upon completion of this post pasted in several forums ill be offline for 1-2 weeks as i move my entire family 2500 miles to montana. im actually looking forward to the trip as much as i am getting away from this fuck-hole state where ive lived for most of my life north carolina. i look forward to my next post that will say ive arrived safely and it will most certainly include links to pictures of the trip. you guys take care and be safe! yeehaw! youll be having a ball at montanas world famous festivals. theres one coming up september 17-21 this link will get you started; == http// == .


From : denny

no need to be pissed actually i wouldnt even attempt to tow in 5th gear at any time while pulling a heavy load with the 4.7 or any small to mid-size v8 especially if you have the 3.55 gears. in 4th gear performance will be better stress on the engine will be lower and fuel mileage should be about the same if not even better. in this application the extra couple hundred rpm wont hurt at all and is in fact a good thing will keep the throttle setting more reasonable and be easier on both you and the engine. there is no advantage to 5th gear in this case so why use it k m wrote ok me out here... just purchased the above mentioned truck last week. i have 600 miles on it. i towed for the first time today in ohio flat land with my 26 ft. travel tr. i have a manual trans. all goes well through 4th gear...when i shift to 5th gear...i can hardly maintain speed. what gives should i stay in 4th i plan on taking some trips pulling this camper. according to the books and numbers from the dealer i am about 55% of capacity in regards to weight. the truck should have no problem with this... hmmm.... stumped and a little pissed kyle .

From : budd cochran

bearings on 2 wheel drive vehicles. please forgive me for not knowing the correct terminology im not a mechanic. tia radiohead . 222 262679 rather b. beachen wrote nathan our hero wrote i am getting away from this fuck-hole state same reason why i want to leave california. im a native and this state has gone down hill fast. well it aint just california or nc its the whole fucking country. for the first time in her history shes having to learn a second language due to the present and past political sluts who cant pass up a chance to get a vote and therefor allow imigration legal and illegal to exceed the countrys ability to assimilate the immigrants. when i retire im getting the hell out here. .

From : budd cochran

i never heard of a tire manufacture having road hazard coverage on any tire warranty. where did you ever get that idea tire dealers sell road hazard as an extra amount and that is an insurance policy for the tires from the tire dealer. was the spare a full sized michelin same kind and type of tire why not simply buy the cheapest tire in that size and have it mounted on the spare rim and keep the michelin on the truck today with 2547 miles on my 2003 quad cab i ended up hitting a piece of disintegrating semi truck tire at 55mph. within 30 seconds i heard a loud constant noise and no one was around me but me so i pulled off to the side and low and behold the left rear tire is flat! so i get the jack out and change it with the spare. no problem the tires must be warranted right i mean they only been in use 30 days for 2547 miles. wrong!! ntb says they are not covered. the michelin warranty book which i finally read says road hazards are excluded in the coverage. what the hell is going on i never buy tires without a road hazard warranty where do these people from michelin have their heads when they sold dodge these tires! ntb will sell me another p245/70 r-17 with balancing mouting etc for $185.14. then the ntb guy has the audacity to try to sell me a road hazard warranty for $14.00 additional. why didnt the dodge dealer provide or sell me an additional road hazard warranty why didnt michelin provide the road hazard warranty why didnt i know this before i finally contacted the ntb dealer and read the tire warranty book i feel screwed not by dodge by michelin! crap like this shouldnt happen when less than a month ago i shell out over $20k for my quad cab! michelin claims they are #1 in customer satisfaction but certainly not in my book!! i am now looking for other tires i just may get rid of all the michelins. a very unhappy consumer! .