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440 deck height?

From : ronny

Q: you know how some oil comes with a thin foil under the cap well while changing the oil in i think i allowed a piece of that protective foil into the engine! it just went in as i was pouring the oil in. i saw a sliver flash go into the damn funnel and before i knew it it was too late to grab it! i couldnt see anything in there after looking around for a while with a flashlight. my thought is to just use the vehicle for a week or so and then change the filter/oil again. the filter should trap that should it after all that is why we use oil filters right should i worry about this guys thanks! .


From : john kunkel

on sat 21 jun 2003 142812 -0500 mike simmons wrote damn... hope he fully recovers...... i hear that about a long tome for healing especially nerves.... when i got my knee torn up in na it took maybe a few months to heal but almost 2 years before all the feeling was back in my leg & foot... keep us up on his progress ok mac yeah hes ok. his lav was hit by an rpg and he got a shrapnel wound to the right arm. it severed some tendons and damaged the ulnar nerve at his wrist. he still has no feeling in his pinkie or ring finger on his right hand and he cannot grasp anything with his right hand. he is going to physical therapy three time a week at the naval hospital at camp lejeune. the docs say that there is about a 70 per cent chance he will make a full recovery. he was wounded on april 1st and we and he are learning that nerve and tendon damage take a loooong time to heal. mike on fri 20 jun 2003 194330 -0500 mike simmons wrote wow.. sorry to hear that mike! is he ok our son just got here this morning on leave from ft. lewis... he feels bad about not going to iraq but were glad the armys sending him to emt school instead.. mac we had a trip planned but had to cancel at the last minute. my son mike jr. had a chance to come home for a few days on convalescent leave after he was wounded in iraq. we couldnt pass up the chance to visit with him. mike on fri 20 jun 2003 042304 -0500 mike simmons wrote oh.. i thought you went on the big trip last month! the truck/trailer are a good match tho mac the new truck is great! so far ive got about 6k on it and have towed the rv twice on short trips. ive got several short trips planned this summer and then we will tow it to nc in september. sure do like the new cummins though! mike on wed 18 jun 2003 152024 -0500 mike simmons wrote mike.. i was sure you were going to come up with a mopar part number.. *lol* how was your trip in the new truck ig you are well served to follow the advice of jacob and mac. the adhesive designed for rear view mirrors has a uv inhibitor added which keeps the uv rays from degrading the adhesive. anything else wont last as long. chryco service manager member sae ignoramus23432 ignoramus23432@nospam.23432.invalid wrote in message what is the best glue to reglue the rearview mirror that fell off. would epoxy from walmart work well i .

From : john kunkel

for a 1997 dodge ram 1500 w/318 97000 miles. i have been beating myself over the head with trying to figure out whats wrong with my truck. sometimes it will run for a few hundred miles with no problems and sometimes it dies repeatedly. after it sits for a time it starts sometimes it takes quite a few tries. i had a similar problem on my 84 dodge. normally it ran great then it would just die going down the road. thought it was the fuel filter which seemed to help then it went back to doing the same thing. replaced the filter a second time which fixed it. i guess i had 2 filters worth of crap in the filter... if nothing else its something cheap to try. kristopher .

From : budd cochran

im sure glad mine wasnt reading over my shoulder when that one popped up on the screen! ;- on mon 23 jun 2003 183141 gmt robs440 wrote you mean get the wife to do it or you and the wife get in the truck and.......uhmm nevermind! =============================== what is good for detailing cleaning the interior material - including leather steering wheel cover - seats are cloth marshall ================================= the wife ..gibson6string... ================================ .

From : gary carter

as are the rings on a piston against the cylinder walls and yet they seem to survive these conditions very well. no they do not. in fact they wear. what keeps them working over the years is the inherent spring tension of the rings. second the tc bushing depends on pressure from the pump to force fluid onto the neck/bushing surface for lubrication. no pressure no lube bushing gets fried. in 5 seconds i doubt that. where is your proof ill wait for your proof that 5 seconds of no oil pressure on a bushing spinning at a minimum of 750 rpm causes no damage. most of us are smart enough to keep lube oil where its needed instead of debate the possible duration a bushing or bearing can last without lube oil or gamble a $1000+ unit on such folly. third assuming there is a film of oil left when its spun dry youve effectively forced air throughout the trans circuits including to all the bearings. fun huh i imagine that is also the case when they are first rebuilt and empty. well i figure filling the tc over half full before installing it lubing the neck immersing all clutches and band as well as bearings and bushings in fluid and dabbing a tacky lube on each bushing and bearing as well as filling the trans before starting it and then putting a fair amount of the same stuff in the pump itself probably helps keep it safe. all of which is quite opposite using the internals of the trans to drain itself of fluid. also with what he suggested how much air would really be forced through the trans circuits unknown i never measured it. more than i would like in a trans. unless the pump is as effective pumping air as it is pumping fluid which we both know that it is not well if the fluid isnt coming out anymore then the pump is either dry or moving air possibly both. the pressure would effectivly drop off as soon as the pan emptied out and long before the trans circuits were emptied out. lol. dont touch anyones at without having them sign a disclaimer ok true but unless you can prove that they are dry they are unlikley to be damaged. lol again make them sign a disclaimer. in park you arent pumping a damn thing out of that trans. oh really why not because in park the pump isnt circulating fluid. you ought to know that having answered a couple of the morning sickness questions on the ats. its a well known fact among those of us who know that is maybe not you that the a904 727 998 999 500 518 618 42r 44 46 and 47 transmissions do not fill the tc while in park. i believe that this is where you were asked to prove your point. unless you can prove that the fluid will be pushed aside or vaporized in 5 seconds causing serious damage your entire argument is once again smoke and mirrors. wrong. anyone with enough experience and santiy knows that oil depends on pressure for the hydrodynamic wedge to be kept stable. take away pressure and its a gamble how long it lasts. one thing is certain it doesnt take long before damage occurs. thats why none of us that has experience unlike you and jacob in this case would not will not and have not ever drained a trans using its own pump. even the fluid flush guys dont depend on the trans draining itself with its own pump. and how long were these transmissions running low on fluid before this damage occured i bet that it was considerably longer then 5 seconds in park. read again boner hell ive seen trannies that did have enough fluid score the outer gear and housing. having enough fluid means they werent running low. so invite trouble by sucking the last drop of fluid out of it isnt that why the filter is there isnt that why the fluid is there max spam filters why purify an undesired substance .

From : nosey

@aol.compost says... - what the heck is that nipple/inlet for it appears to be the same diameter as the fuel inlet. probably for the bowl vent line to the charcoal canister. max spam filters why purify an undesired substance yep that sounds like it. bdk .