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4 Sale Dakota R/T Club Cab

From : tim fisher

Q: on sat 16 aug 2003 170651 gmt gunner wrote on sat 16 aug 2003 020748 -0400 north wrote on 15 aug 2003 210015 gmt ignoramus4661 ignoramus4661@nospam.4661.invalid said these hours will not necessarily hurt the engine -- low power low rpm low temps. which also means less oil presure which means more engine wear. allowing a automobile engine to idle for long periods is bad iirc. ymmv. hummmm..with a proper engine using good oil that thing should idle with no problems for a few hundred thousand hours assuming that it doesnt load up the cat with byproducts. right. a car running at speed on level ground like a car driving coast to coast in australia is putting so little load on the motor that it is nearly idling. and nobody claims that is bad for a car. .