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3.9L dakota

From : andy collier

Q: our windows have stopped working on the durango. the drivers window rolls down but all the others wont. i called the local shop and they want to keep it for a few days and check it out. it could be a fuse or electrical problem. i was wondering if anybody had this same problem and fixed it themselves. if so what did you do and was it a simple thing or did you have to tear the door apart i really dont want to give up my durango for a few days if its a simple thing to fix. thanks. .


From : spam dump

that could be except for one small problem - dodge trucks havent had speedometer cables for at least 10 years it sounds like an exhaust leak to me as well. i would check the exhaust manifold bolts and make sure none are loose. id also check the connections between the manifolds and the y-pipe. ill do that - thanks. sounds reasonable as this thing tends to be more relative to throttle position not speed or rpm. .

From : s lane

face it! it is not a dc problem or a dealer problem but it is your problem for being sucked in to the dealer 2 step. then you decided to pair up and dance with both of them for weeks in some sort of sado-masochistic marathon. i feel bad for you but not too bad since you didnt even post the dealer info to help some othe poor dumb schmuck. just thought i would share the 3 week nightmare i went through buying my 2003 dakota. yes this will be my last daimlerchrysler product. now i know many are going to jump on me about buying the truck after all this problem but there are a few reason why i did. first both dealers ran a credit check lowering by rating 5 points each time called my insurance company each time and having my policy changed to the new truck and had me believing i would not find the truck equipped the way i wanted until 2004. day 1 - go to dealer 1 and get price. day 2 - go to dealer 2 and get price. day 3 - return to dealer 2 and ask for price on a certain truck i want and ask for a price. leave 1 hour later with no price. was told to go to dealer 1 and dealer 2 would beat their price not what i wanted. drive to dealer 1 and ask for their best price on truck they found and another dealer. price was right so told them i would buy it. day - 4 5 days later dealer 1 calls and said truck was sold by other dealer but they have one with same options and a few extra. no problem! so i drive 15 miles and find out the truck did not have the tow package i wanted. they told me i had to buy today or miss out on $500 trade-in rebate. no sale wanted tow package. salesman hints about the amount of time putting together this deal. day - 5 dealer 1 calls and tells me they found another truck asked them to fax the info to save me the drive. salesman once again hints about amount of time spent on deal. 3 hours later salesman calls and wants to fax the info i reply i will not deal with them anymore seeing he was so concerned about his time and not mine. return to dealer 2 to try my luck there. could not find any truck i liked with tow package. was informed that i could had the hitch myself. i asked about the transmission oil cooler and was informed all dakotas had them. so i agreed to buy the truck. day - 6 4 days later dealer 2 calls and tells me the truck is in from the dealer who had it. i asked if they were sure it had the transmission cooler the salesman said he would call me back. returns call and informed me they were wrong and the truck did not have the cooler. seeing the truck was already delivered i went through with the deal. day - 7 went to pick up truck what a bad day. first they made a $50 error in their favor on the price. then they told me the interest rate was 4.79 not the 4.25 we ha din the first meeting. after i complained they claimed they had a coupon for 4.29 so i bought the truck. now why should i be happy with daimlerchrysler waited days to find out the original truck i wanted was sold to someone else. two weeks to buy a truck and then have to come up with another $300 to add the hitch and transmission cooler i wanted. payed $300+ extra for items i really did not need but wanted a blue dakota. then they try to charge a higher interest rate then quoted the first time. now would you buy a product from a company that treats customers this way i dont believe ill be looking at daimlerchrysler products when it time for my wifes new car. remove spam for e-mail .