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39 Plymouth (was: "A project")

From : william oconnor

Q: not only would you not save any money your front window defogger also would not work worth a damn. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving it so happens that i do not use air conditioning in my truck. i like being warm. 100 degrees feels like wonderful weather to me. if i reroute the belt to bypass the a/c will i save any $$ on gas no. the a/c compressor has a clutch that simply free wheels when its not in use. the added friction from this freewheeling pulley is so minute that its not worth it to change the belt youd need a smaller belt - one designed for your engine without the a/c option. .


From : arei

dan not all rams are made in mexico and unless the 49 percent of d/c stockholders have renounced their citizenship and fled the us for der fatherland it is still very much an american truck. perhaps not as much as ford and gm but a hell of a lot more american than toyota nissan et al. mike mike true but keep in mind over all saying give america a chance in this global economy is kind of funny. even buying a japanese truck gives back to america - especially if made in america. its all circular. i personally buy the best that there is - i go by ratings mostly long term. i almost bought a dodge with a hemi. it was a dealer experience that made me go with a toyota. i was ready to buy and the dealer pulled a fast one on me. i still plan on buying one. probably the 2500 hd. .