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318 stalling issue

From : yum

Q: 440s were used in the mb-400 motor home units you know. check with the dodge dealer or a motorhome dealer. inventor. hello the only differences are in emission controls if any and you can keep the ones used on the 23 if you dont tell anyone you swapped engines. im not familiar with the emissions laws in your location but most of the laws i have read about indicate that you are fine if you have installed the same type of motor and it is either the same year or newer. the main issues that they are usually concerned with is that all the original emissions equipment is installed original to vehicle in use and that the engine is the same type and not older than the vehicle it is installed in. i have done numerous engine transplants on several different vehicles no dodges yet and have found that in every case the engine went in regardless of whether it was the original size or configuration for that vehicle all my transplants have been v8 for v8 of similar or different size. usually the main concerns are motor mounts positioning length and such. with your transplant candidate being the exact same block i would not anticipate any trouble. the california package may have a slightly different header / exhaust system usually involves compressors or air injection but the block itself should be identical to what you have in the other vehicle. michael hunter ---------------------------------------------------------- 8-bit designs http// innovative hardware accessories services and support. free information resources and how-to articles. serving the loyal 8-bit community. ---------------------------------------------------------- .