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2005 Ram 1500 wiper problem

From : dan

Q: on mon 28 nov 2005 201038 -0700 miles wrote mac davis wrote i love stopping at those little ma & pa burgers places out in the country where you get a cheese burger thats made of real beef and a years worth of calories.. and real fries from potatoes that havent been processed and frozen... mmmmmm so do i. hard to find a good burger but theres a few places around here. in & out burgers are really popular old fashioned chain but theyre not that great to me. like you said the mom & pop real burger places are where to go for something great. we have a place here in town called fat jacks... really well named.. *lol* we go about twice a year for a real burger and fries with s real milk shake in the metal thing that they make it in... i think more than twice a year would cause a cholesterol overdose... mac please remove splinters before emailing .


From : tom lawrence

tbone wrote because the times were great under clinton. are you saying that he knew about these cells and simply chose not to do anything the very clues that were missed that liberals bash bush on when he was in office only 7 months took place during clintons time. the attack did not occure under clintons time and your god still had seven months and did nothing nothing but make the rich richer that is. if so then back it up. if you think that there are non here now plotting something then you really do have your head up your ass and if bush had all of clintons data why didnt he put an end to then prior to 9/11 and why have we not found bin ladden yet why do you bash bush for the very same things you credit clinton on saying how great things were clinton flat out ignored it all for his own greatness. bush after only 7 months issued a directive to the military to take out al-queda. 7 months tbone...against clintons great 8 years. because we were attacked in a major way or it never would have happened under bush either. funny how you claim not to like bush yet go out of your way to protect him and attack clinton. is this the current right wing political correctness to say you dont like bush but defend the party at all costs perhaps because nobody else was complaining about it either which would indicate that they were either not big ticket items or extensions of existing contracts neither of which applies to the current situation. bosnia was no big deal along with dozens of other war-torn regions haliburton was sent by clinton with no-bid you have yet to state who should have gone if not haliburton..who already had been all over similar situations with no-bid contracts issued by clinton. you still didnt address the issue of why there were no complaints and where where the big ticket items in these other regions -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .