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2005 Dodge Ram fog lights

From : partsmore

Q: i cant seem to get it to change from average economy to instant economy. i believe they did away with the instant economy display somewhere between 00 and 03 a friends 00 has it - my 03 does not .


From : tom lawrence

roy wrote sounds like the tire is cupping. or perhaps a belt shift. take it to a tire store and have them spin it. if it has been going on for a couple of months it should be a fairly obvious. roy thanks; i went to ntb tire/battery place and the guy at the counter who may or may not know anything ran his hand across all my tires and said the 2 front ones are cupped and said its definitely causing the noise. i suggested i should rotate the tires since its been more than 12k miles by now and he said dont wont help. sounds like hes right about cupping but not sure if i should rotate. he also pointed out that one of my tires rear has some cracks that he called separating just about where the white wall is. he said it wouldnt pass inspection which is due soon. the tread on all the tires is ok but im wondering if im due for 4 new tires they at 33000 miles but are 5 year old. is age relevant or just miles he suggested of course that i get all new tires but hes a salesman too so ...not sure. .. .