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2004 speedometer twitch

From : robert

Q: no speedometer problems but other instrument panel problems on a 05. i just have not had time to take it in. with the key off hold the trip reset stick in and turn the key to on let off when all the dash lights come on. this will test your instrument panel and give any codes stored in the brain of your instrument panel. codes read out like xx-xx the first two are the code last two are the number of times you have started the truck from when the code was set. anyone have a problem with a speedometer twitching on a 2004 dodge ram 1500 when the truck is stationary the speedometer twitches between 0-10 mphs. robert prejazz at hotmail dot com .


From : jay

sorry roy but imho thats part of the problem in here and in the world no one is supposed top be proud of lifting themselves up and improving themselves or being proud theyve done some more or different from everyone else. that is your ho others may not share it. surely you dont think that you can force your opinion on others. no. its not an opinion its a plain truth an observation. hmmm... read what you wrote above sorry roy but imho.... now it is. no. its not an opinion it is a plain truth an observation. ya lost me but no matter. the opinion part is thats part of the problem in here . . . the rest is the observation. ya cant let folks bait you by what they write. they are simply pushing your buttons and you provide the desired reaction. maybe but they need to consider what kind of a person would take pleasure from causing distress to another human being. the really weird part is that many that have done to me in the past brag about how much they care for their fellow man so what!! some people are ass holes ignore them!!! different people do different things some are bullys some are not. you make a decision to respond to the people that you precieve have done this. by responding nothing is accomplished imo. just more of the same. well i see this is a point you and i will disagree on. yes i decide who i respond to and how i respond to them. and there have been times i have ignored remarks and names that if the person was to call me that to their face theyd get a knuckle sandwich. otoh there are some in this group that care so little about others that they dont even realize when they insult someone in some fashion. sorry the pixels form words and words have meanings and meaning can insult and harm. that is my point you know the people here. you know the personality of those that care so little. what i dont get is why ya continue to converse with them. ya know same bad well same bad water. yep but what do you do when you cant change the well you boil the heck out of the water. and insults to me get me boiling mad . . .at times. i learned a long time ago that nothing is gained by boiling the water when you do you end up getting all pissed off and for what you cant change the thought process of the other party. all you end up doing is raising yer blood pressure. am i i use little conflicts in groups to let off steam from my health probs and such without losing it elsewhere like towards my family but at no time do i get mad. i will act mad long before i explode. no ive looked. im always the first to get the chastisement and then i look and nope nothing directed to anyone else. who is being chastised me by you telling me how to act. i just reread the entire thread. i don;t see it but..... its there my friend but no matter. bg ive covered this before yeah and youre doing what you accuse me of forcing my opinions and beliefs on others. trying to get me to do what you do with insults and arguments. i started off trying to understand why you end up in so many arguments with different people. i think i understand what it is now. do you do this go back thru this series of posts where you started in and switch the roles. put yourself in my position completely old fashioned conservative fundamental christian if you can. yup i understand no need for role reversal. thank you. imho they are every bit as guilty as i if i am guilty of anything wtf!! who said you are guilty of anything roy im simply saying what is good for the goose is good for the gander. if im in error then anyone also in the argument are in error. but no one speaks to them about their errors. who is talking about errors just trying to point out the reality of this ng. no youre chastising me for being myself and making my own choices. yet again. and again you are. maybefor some reason dont see it but you arent the one on the receiving end. no i truly dont see how i have chastised you in the course of this thread. having said that we have a difference of opinon i guess but that is what makes things go round. it is for sure. the truly odd thing about it all is when you have a person that has declared their ability to tolerate other personalities beliefs and all turns out to be someone not so tolerant after all. all it takes is a bit of respect for each other and to not push buttons just because you can or because you get some perverse thrill from it uh not meaning you personally roy just a person. the reality is that each of us has to decide for ourselves what is an insult and what is not then it is also a reality for each of us to choose to not deliver insults when we know what another is insulted by. yup. then how am i doing it wrong i remember having insulted you a long time back and ive tried very hard to a