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2004 Dodge Durango Remote Starter

From : Annonymous

Q: max dodge wrote the problem here is that the drivers test is a joke. so retesting would really prove nothing. not to mention how much that would cost and how long it would take. it must not cost too much or take too long or pennsylvania wouldnt be doing it. and yes the test is a joke given some of the people i know who have passed it. i just gave up my pennsylvania license for a georgia one yesterday. i had it for 23 years and havent taken a test since i first got it. i did all of my renewals through the mail so they issued me valid without photo licenses. they even put my out of state addresses on my drivers license and vehicle registrations. the only test that georgia made me take was an eye test. i was in and out of the dmv with my new license in 15 minutes. it was just too easy. -- ken when i first got licensed here in ga i was 16. took the full test driving everything. we didnt leave the parking lot. the hardest part of the test was the eye test. like i said before. a joke! .