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2003 dakota snowplowing

From : john cadella

Q: jon wrote i have a question regarding oil change intervals. i am in the process of my first oil change on my 2002 ram 1500 quad with a 5.9 and have choosen to use the royal purple with a k & n oil filter. the guy at the parts store my oil and filter are good for 7000 miles. how does dodge feel about such longer intervals and how might it effect any warranty service in the future. thanks for the information. look at your manual. warranty dictates oil changes per your manual irregardless of manufactures claims. even if you use synthetic you will still need to change oil per your manual. oil changes are not that expensive and clean oil will extend the life of your trucks engine. why stretch it out longer for a miniscule savings compared to the cost of the truck i change mine every 3000 using dino oil. think my manual specifies 6000 but havent looked recently. .