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2003 Ram Hemi tow package tecnician question

From : hdinny

Q: looking for some help deciding between 3/4 ton gas/diesel. since i dont tow much my reflex is to go gas... just by the new hemi. but here are my parameters... 1. i live at 9500 and my commute takes me up and down the mountain. i want an engine/tranny combo thats well suited for this over the years. making this climb one or more times a day will a diesel last longer... all other things being equal 2. i want the best fuel efficiency so will diesel fare better in making the climb than gas 3. for performance and safety winter mountain driving i want a manual transmission. unless im wrong that rules out the new 1500. 4. i will on occaision tow equipment up to my place for excavation landscaping work etc. so basically i need a really good utility vehicle that i can count on for years. i dont have a religious preference gas or diesel im just looking to make the sensible choice. suggestions/comments thanks. .