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2003 RAM 4.7L overall and knock sensors

From : todd w roat

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From : tmtex

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From : spinman

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From : kirby

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From : mac davis

as long as this is a factory keyless system you need to buy 1 new fob. with the new fob and your old one in hand the dealer can reprogram them together. when these are programmed the stolen fob will no longer work. it doesnt cost much to reprogram fobs about $15-$20 us. if you have an aftermarket add-on system you will need to get a fob from whoever made the system. i just bought a second fob for my 02 dakota quadcab and did the re-programming myself per the instructions in the users manual. as far as i can tell if all you wanted to do was make sure that the fob you still have is the only one that will work for your truck i dont think its necessary to buy a second fob. once you go into the programming mode with the first fob all other fobs are erased from the computer memory. therefore if you just use the fob you still have to go into the programming mode and then just not do the steps to program another fob the one you still have should be the only one that works with your truck. denny one of the keys and one of the keyless entry fobs for my 1998 quadcab was stolen from near our house last night. i put a call into my dealer and they said they could re-key the locks and ignition they sublet this out to a locksmith cost around cdn $300 but they couldnt do anything about the keyless entry system. this sounds like total bs to me! cant a dealership reprogram the entry system and the one remaining entry fob so that the missing fob wont work anymore please someone tell me this is possible. ive checked around on car alarm systems with remote entry these are around $350...but then i would still have to get the locks and ignition rekeyed jusst in case someone decides to drive off with the alarm going. any help appreciated. m. calgary canada .

From : kirby burden

i have the same problem with my 97 ram 1500 2wd. i took it to the dealer twice and they cant fix it so i looked at it myself and i still cant find the problem. i replaced every check valve i could think to replace. i really dont know let me know how you fix it dd. it is a very annoying problem. gordon you got a check valve in the vacuum line coming off the brake booster going to heater/ac controls that is not holding vacuum when you accelerate. replace the valve and you should be ok. denny i have a 1996 dodge b2500 ram van 5.2l. ac gets cold but has a strange problem. i normally set the ac setting to vent. the problems is when i accelerate or tax the engine slightly up a hill the venting system changes on its own from vent to bi-level to defrost. once the engine smoothes out the venting changes back to the proper vent selection. does anyone have any experience or advice regarding this problem dan .

From : dan j s

any other source besides i think $2000 is a little steep. .