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2003 Hemi First Oil Change

From : whummer

Q: ignoramus23445 wrote do not touch the tubes just insert the socket into them. i have the same truck changing sps was easy. i keep wondering why people talk about removing the heat shields why socket fits down in them easily. because its even easier without the tubes i can change all eight plugs on my dakota in 10m20s. with the tubes you have more worry of dirt getting down around the plug hole that you may not be able to get out with compressed air. besides the tubes dont really do anything esp. if you have aftermarket wires. .


From : mike simmonssteve

damned straight tom! what we need in this society is more diversity! where would we be if the founding fathers only used beam type torque wrenches huh i propose the following... the establishment of an organization to promote diversity in shops.... the naadttwu. the national association of dial-type torque wrench users.... lower admission standards in our trade schools so that the dial types can be accepted... and finally amend the wording on the plaque that miss liberty is holding in new york harbor..... send me your tired your weak your dial-type torque wrench users.... whatcha think after that gets going.... well sue for reparations for the years of discrimination by the beamers and clickers..... yeah thats the ticket.....! ^ mike you fergot the two posters who argue whether you use a beam type torque wrench or click type torque wrench to tighten the bulb! i am growing pretty darned sick and tired of the blatant discrimination shown to the dial-type crowd. oh sure... we dont have a big powerful lobby like the clickers and we arent as sympathetic as the beamers but dammit were a choice too! we can still do the job... ya just gotta give us a chance. i think we need to get more legislation passed to outlaw the oppressive tactics constantly employed by the clickers and the beamers. to be fair all repair shops should be required to maintain a certain percentage of dial-type wrenches so as not to perpetuate the unfair advantage currently enjoyed by the other two. some day hopefully soon each dial-type wrench will enjoy the same opportunities afforded their beam and click brothers. can i get an amen .

From : steve

i dont know that i would switch to any synthetic on my first oil change. i too am planning on switching my 03 ram to synthetic but i remember reading an article a couple of years ago recommending that you not switch to synthetic until you have 5000 - 7000 miles on a new engine. this is because of the rings. the rings take between 5 and 7 thousand miles to seat and they would take longer to seat with synthetic oil than normal parafin based oils. i would wait until the second oil change. thats what im going to do with mine. -- steve vedell it is getting close to time for the first oil change in my 2003 hemi and i am thinking about starting to use royal purple. i am wondering if anyone knows of any reason not to do this. thanks. .

From : orvilleerv kay

gary glaenzer wrote lets start with 10 foot pounds shall we 10 footpounds / 12 = 0.8333 inch pounds hardly dang it! using that my propeller fell off as a mosquito flew by! .

From : curmudgeon

why do you want to remove the converter -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving anyone had success of removing the convertor. what were the results .

From : 03ramhemi

yesterday i saw in passing a great soft cover on a dakota quad just like mine. it didnt have a ton of obvious buttons---looked real smooth. anyone know what brand this is experiences/recommendations for a soft top thanks. .

From : erv kay

my 01 ram also pulls to the right. this after 2 new sets of tires and taking it to 2 alignment shops. both said the truck is within specs. the last one gave me a printed read out that shows the left caster at +4.00 and the right at +5.00. they said if anything it should be pulling to the left. i still havent been able to get mine corrected. i have an 02 ram that has always pulled to the right and wears the driver front tire unevenly. i have had it aligned 5 times in the last 33000 miles. the best alignment i got which seemed to last about 5k miles was from the dealer. ive had the dealer check the steering and frontend all within spec and in good shape. it simply wont stay aligned. btw i never go offroad. the roads i travel on are new and pothole free. craig c. 2002 ram 1500 qc 4x4 5.9l here! here! mine wont stay aligned either! the longer i own my dodge the more i miss my toyota 79 t/a ws6 455 hurst 4 spd blk w/ t-tops heavily fortified 4mpg 00 ram 2500hd qc v-10 4x4blk5 spd410 lsd 10mpg 98 intruder 1400 blk 5 spd 25mpg .

From : rick blaine

here! here! mine wont stay aligned either! the longer i own my dodge the more i miss my toyota 79 t/a ws6 455 hurst 4 spd blk w/ t-tops heavily fortified 4mpg 00 ram 2500hd qc v-10 4x4blk5 spd410 lsd 10mpg 98 intruder 1400 blk 5 spd 25mpg there! there! ive got approx 87000 on mine and it has never been aligned. tires are wearing great goes as straight as you could expect a 4x4 short wheelbase to be. the longer i own my dodge the better i like it!! denny .

From : moparman

from what i read i can get daytime running lights enabled by setting the front lighting control modules country code to canada. i went down to my neighborhood dodge dealer and we hooked up their odbiii scan tool and walked through the many menu options. unfortunately we could not figure out where or how to set the county code. could some kind sole tell me how to get to the option to change the country code .

From : deno24

damn you couldnt figure that out musta forgot how many inches are in a multiply the foot dimension by 12. budd other brother kevin wrote how do i convert foot-pounds to inch-pounds .