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2003 Durango issue

From : bill hammon

Q: what do i do to prevent the new dash from cracking dont bash her head into it when she tells you to slow down. aw .


From : james1549

point taken. however a low side guage even a wallyworld cheapie is better than blindly dumping in a can of gas as so many do with no guage at all. you have to remember we cant all afford to buy top dollar repairs. if the suction side is really low adding refrigerant is about the only thing thatll raise it. give em a tiny bit of credit for at least trying not to overcharge the system. one quick thought came to mind. low side pressure is effected by the expansion valve. if this valve is sticking the pressure could read low even if the system is fully charged. if the valve is stuck closed the low side will read in a vacuum. you really need to have both guages hooked up before adding r-whatever. i think the primary issue we do-it-yourselfers have with the hvac service industry at large is that it like automotive mechanical work in general has become so damned rife with fast buck artists who take advantage of the customers lack of knowledge about the system so they can pack the job with extra b.s. charges. and the computer repair industry isnt how does the average joe-blow customer find an honest hvac shop its like trying to find an honest chiropractor; i question if such a thing exists. if youre willing to travel to northwest ohio i got one that ive went to for 20 years. i told him hed best not retire till i do. denny .